Hair Styling Tips

Hair Styling Tips

Every women have wish to style her hairs to impress peoples and friends. Stay true to your favorite hairstyle and make more out of it. We show the hair styling tips and latest tricks for long and short hairs. Quick change for any hair length can be managed by our hair styling tips in less then 5 minutes.

Hair Styling Tips

Before styling hairs in any hairstyle, you should have an idea about your hair. The hair should first be comb and straight before applying any hairstyle to you hairs.

  • It is more better if you wash your hairs with shampoo and dry with dryer before hair styling.

Long Hair Styling

For long hair an extreme side parting with a low pony is quite unusual but made easy and totally hip. If something goes wrong on your head, you have captured the most important hair styling trend, Asymmetric side parting are the hit!

#1 Double Apex

For long, straight hair without bangs, This look works well for days without shampooing (if you still wash do not use volume products and not quite blow dry). Here’s how, give styling cream sparingly to the top of the head, straighten hair with a comb.

Drag one of the lateral apex With a style comb right handed catch with the left side of, comb Medium game straight back, hold it with the left hand. Pull the right apex with the style comb and divide up the right side part, then fix the middle part with hair clips.

#2 Knot Art

There are many tricky nodes that can be stylists incident on the fashion shows. They look super complicated, but word of honor, If you get the hang out once, they are easily made.

Why not try it in peace, what goes well with your own hair then the next bad hair day may come quietly.

Short Hair Styling

Style your hair very smooth, not back comb, pony and fix contours with wax (not too much, otherwise it has a slightly greasy).

#1 Angel Curls

For short and medium length hair, Even as a child you wanted to be like the tinsel angels in the nativity play? Here you are single braids braid, edit with the straighteners, let it cool down, turn on, fix with hairspray that are the angel curls.

The thinner the braids, the finer are the curls. And another eye tip for long hair, braids only braid from the eye level, so that smooth cover with curly hair connects lengths.

#2 Hair Revival

Who says it, time travel is possible! At least for the hair. With satin bows you end up in the sixties, with towels wrapped in his forties, with delicate maturity in the romantic period. The great thing to be part of this trend here, we need to stop going shopping. Silk scarves can be folded super slim use as a hair band there is still one in the scarf drawer, right?

Another tip for those, which the hair jewelry trend appears very daring. Towels in a sound similar to the hair color make the start easier.

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