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Hand Care Remedies

Hand Care Remedies

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Our hands are constantly exposed to heavy loads, whether at work, at hobby or household. The results are mostly dry, cracked and chapped hands. It is now important for a soothing balance to worry, so our hands again feel good.

But not always you have just a matching hands care cream in the house. Homemade hand care remedies, with a few everyday utensils from the budget, you can also do a hand peeling create, so that their hands even after heavy loads again look nice and neat.

Hand Care Remedies

With luck, you have the required ingredients in the refrigerator or your pantry and can immediately begin to make hands care scrub for your hands. These hand care remedies make your hands soft and beautiful.

Tips # 1

Add about 3 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp fine sugar in a small bowl and mix together then the ingredients together thoroughly. The resulting mass you carry on your hands and massage this now a few minutes by self created scrub gently.

Then rinse everything off with lukewarm water again, your hand peeling is now complete. Do you have hand cream on hand, then slather your hands a it.

Tips # 2

Incidentally, you can with normal olive oil, this does not have to be particularly good and expensive, also produce a hand bath. All you need is a little olive oil, what one usually has in the house. About 100 ml olive oil are needed for a hand bath.

Heat the olive oil slightly and then enter it in a bowl that is large enough for at least a hand fits. Dip your hands now alternately, each for a few minutes in a. At the end of the hand bath, you can massage the excess of olive oil in your hands.

If you happen to have gloves in the house, you can leave the olive oil on your hands, put on the gloves and let the olive oil soak in overnight.

Tips # 3

Olive oil is the ideal setting for hands care, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E and is suitable for many other applications in order to maintain itself.

Hand Care Remedies in Urdu

Hand Care Remedies in Urdu

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