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Hands Care Tips

Hands Care and Beauty Tips

Beautiful hands are the sing of your good and attractive personality as well as put’s impression on your face. Most of women are so care less about their hands care and after marriage they are more care less about the proper hands care.

If women pay little bit of attention on their hands beauty they can make their hands beautiful and soft. For proper hands care your divide your arm in to nails, palm and elbow. Hands skin is so soft and thin and the inner side or palm of hands are hard and thick.

So if you didn’t care your hands properly with the passage of time the wrinkles are formed on hands skin. Oily pigments are not present in hands skin and this part of hands can easily damage and rapture if you use too much soap, detergent and soda water.

Hands Care Tips

Here below some hands care tips by following these hands care tips you can give proper care to your hands.

Tips # 1

Wear rubber gloves on your hands while your are working in dust or washing clothes and vessels (Utensil’s) because gloves provide protection to your hands skin.

Tips # 2

Before cutting the vegetables use muster oil, olive oil or peanut oil on your hand because by using oils on hand the knife didn’t leave signs on hand skin.

Tips # 3

Don’t put your hands wet for too much time because when you put your hand wet it damage the skin around the nails. Making the skin lose and rough.

Tips # 4

To make your hands skin beautiful use those food, vegetables and fruits that contain Vitamin A, B,C, D, iron, calcium and proteins.

Tips # 5

Do exercises for the beauty of your hands. For that purpose open and close your hands and fingers in opposite directions for 15 to 20 times. This exercise make your hands and fingers beautiful.

Swimming, boarding and bowing exercises make your hands beautiful and attractive.

Tips # 6

Close your hand and rotate your hands clock wise for 15 to 20 times and then repeat the process for 15 to 20 time anti clock wise. Use manicure once in a weak.

Hands Care Tips in Urdu

Hands Care Tips in Urdu

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