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Health problems in pregnant women

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pregnant women health problemsHealth problems in pregnant women during pregnancy is common issue.

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In-fact Pregnancy is the dream of every woman, women of child-bearing nature and would like to become a mother.

But to carry many negative effects is true that most of them disappears after childbirth, but its effects on women remains disturbing.

Health problems in pregnant women

The common issues or health problems experienced by women during pregnancy are as fallows:

Itchy belly

Itchy belly Occur as a result of pregnancy hormones that cause the skin is exposed to drought as the skin expands and is exposed to flatten the larger the child’s size in the uterus and these two things are causing woman’s risk of severe itching.

Bleeding gums and nose

Appears in most cases at the beginning of pregnancy and is called and is caused by changes in hormones cause an increase in blood flow to the mouth and nasal passages pink toothbrush syndrome name.

Dreams and Nightmares

Dreaming of several women things related to pregnancy and childbirth and in most cases these dreams be annoying amount to nightmares if the strangling her child or drown him.

These dreams normally occur is in any case and is upset mother very much and do not even not exposed to severe criticism or afraid discussed of its image in front of others.

Early secretion of milk

Secretion of milk from the breasts before child birth occur often and women have surprised this and the fact that this is not a stranger, but many women may begin to have secretion of milk since one-third of the second pregnancy that causes high levels of “Prolactin” in the blood.

There are some habits that lead to this, including the shower with hot water and exposure to the hot hair dryers etc.

Fatigue and tiredness

Fatigue appears when many women in the first third of pregnancy. Therefore must be for women to reduce the efforts exerted by because the fetus grows and develops inside.


Happen to several factors, including lack of access to proper nutrition, as well as eating chemical iron supplements that address anemia, as it also happens because of the high levels of the hormone progesterone in the body.

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This harmon causes the lack of activity the digestive system and in order to avoid this problem, make sure to containing food intake on fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Health problems in pregnant women in Urdu

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