Better sleeping tips

better sleeping tipsThe comfortable sleeping is sing of good health. If we tired or when we do our routine daily work we feel tired we want some rest to relax and sleeping is the best way to get relaxing from tiredness and depression. In modern age where technology, the mechanism of machines and hustle and bustle distributed our daily life as the disorder in sleep and tensions are also come.

According to the survey every 7th human being in world face the problem of sleep disorder. Most of them those peoples that do their works at day and night time shifts the feel stressed and drop in diseases like heart disorders, depression, stress etc. In above of all the disorders we are giving some sleeping tips in Urdu, better sleeping tips for good health, healthy sleeping tips for you and much more. By getting rid of these sleeping tips you can get comfortable and healthy good nightsleep easily.

Sleeping tips

1.   Every human being life is full of stress, depression and thoughts and as a result we feel tensions every time. But don’t take these tensions when you are free of work and want to relax.

2.   When you go to your bed leave all the tensions behind don’t take tension about little problems and relax your mind for getting good, comfortable and healthy good night sleep.

3.   Feel you life comfortable and leave the tensions if think so you will feel your life good and happy but if you take tensions on your mind then you can’t live good and stress free healthy life. So you should leave every type of thinking and tension before going to bed.

4.   Make a complete time table for you daily life works and finish all your days works at their time. Don’t waste you time in tensions because if you feel stress about your work you can not done your work properly.

5.   Make you habits proper eat your night dinner at same time daily and don’t go to bed for sleep without eating dinner. You should complete your dinner before half an hour of sleeping. Didn’t ate fatty foods dishes at night time and must wash your teeth daily before going to sleep.

6.   Sleep and awake on morning at same time daily. For good and healthy life and body normally 6 to 8 hours sleep time is essential. And old people says that early to bed and early to rise is good for healthy living.

Better sleeping tips in Urdu

better sleeping tips in urdu

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