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Healthy Feet Care Tips

Healthy Feet Care Tips

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Our foot contains 26 bones and more than 100 bond. Feet contains more than a quarter of the bones in the whole body. Foot skin contains more than 7000 end of the nerve. There are more than 125,000 ethnic gland on each foot, more than anywhere else in the body.

Healthy feet care tips

Healthy Feet Care Tips

Here we are giving some feet care tips for healthy and soft feet. By adopting these easy and simple tips you can get benefits form these tips and care you feet properly.

Tips # 1

Find the pinkish pimples like spots on your feet. If these pinkish pimples spots are present on your feet then it shows that your shoes or sandals are not according to your feet.

Tips # 2

Wash your feet properly to get them healthy. After washing clean them specially the area between the thumb and the finger. Apply cream or Vaseline on your feet except the middle area of the thumb.

Tips # 3

The dust damage our foot toe and make cracked on the toe skin. You should wash your feet twice daily and apply cream or Vaseline to get your feet healthy and moist.

Tips # 4

Cut your feet nails properly. If you feel hardness in your feet then you should consult with your doctor.  For healthy feet control the glucose level of your body and do the daily exercises if you have got any problem then consult with your doctor.
Healthy Feet Care Tips

Tips # 5

You should first clean your shoes before wearing and will wear the shoes within home and out side of the home. Used those slippers, sandals and shoes that are soft and give comfortable feel to your feet.

Tips # 6

You should make your shoes from the shoe makers according to your feet. Ready made shoes can put negative effect on your feet because when you wear these shoes they are small or tight and put pressure on your feet.

Always buy lather shoes, sandals and slippers. they are good and comfortable for you feet.

Tips # 7

Don’t dip you feet into water for long time because water make your skin soft and when you rub your feet skin would be wounded. Don’t use the any time of medicine or cosmetic on your feet.

Before using these types of things first get advice from doctor and fallow the instruction of your consultant.

Healthy Feet Care Tips in Urdu

Healthy Feet Care Tips in Urdu

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