Healthy Teeth Tips

Healthy Teeth Tips

Every one have wish for strong, white and healthy teeth, but it only possible when we give proper tooth care to them. As we know simply if we brush our teeth 3 time daily we can easily prevent them from decaying also make them strong, healthy and white.

Along with that there are also some teeth care tips and tricks for healthy teeth, so here below we write few healthy teeth care tips for you.

Healthy Teeth Tips

The immune system can prevent tooth decay complex operations occur within the human body. But prevention is better than cure, so we recommend following the following.

  1. Brushing your teeth regularly for 3 minutes per day (can be divided into 2 or 3) after meals.
  2. Visit the dentist twice a year for the work of inspection and cleaning of the teeth League.
  3. Reducing sugars in food while reducing drinking soft drinks and juices with added sugar. Also carbohydrates, and the presence of elements such as phosphate and fat can also reduce the rate of tooth decay.
  4. Reduce eating between meals, taking into account not eat sugary substances, such as nuts and cheese when you feel hungry between meals and the economy eat sugars and sweets only immediately after the main meals, to reduce the duration of exposure to acids teeth and be licorice.
  5. Use special toothpaste available in markets where the percentage of fluoride are small and harmless. Also Don’t ate sweets and sugars frequently and limiting it to and after the main meals.

Healthy Teeth Tips in Urdu

Healthy teeth tips in Urdu

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