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Home Beauty Tips

Home Beauty Tips

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Everyone wants beautiful and healthy skin and home beauty tips will help you in most organic and cost effective manner. Taking care of your skin you can use beautiful skin as long as possible.

Home Beauty Tips

So here we write some home beauty tips for men women dry, oily and sensitive skin.

Tips # 1

Grind radish seeds to make fine powder, mix with milk cream and apply on facial skin for over night and wash in morning with good soap.

Also you can get message to facial skin with mustard oil in morning or in evening add few drops of mustard oil in water-chestnut flour and message facial skin with it. This make your skin light and beautiful.

Tips # 2

If you have desired for glowing face then add few drops of fresh lemon juice in 1 cup of lukewarm water, drink it on empty stomach.

Rub Almond’s crying in rough clay pot, add some milk cream and apply on face and hands, after 1 hour wash with water.

Tips # 3

Take some kneaded dough and put it for over night, in morning wash well together without soap. Also washing face with salt water can make glow on face.

Tips # 4

Mix well almond oil in water and apply it on face for half an hour. Add few drops of lemon juice in olive oil, message the face with the ingredients. These home beauty secrets can make you face shinny and beautiful.

Tips # 5

Eject separate juice of watermelon, tomato and cucumber. Freeze the juice and apply it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Along with that for getting glowing and shinny face you can drink sugar juice regularly for few weeks that include few drops of lemon juice.

Tips # 6

If you have oily skin with acne and spots then, take barley flour and mix it with water to make creamy paste. You can also mix barley flour with milk or yogurt, apply this oily skin for 20 minutes and wash with water on drying.

Home Beauty Tips in Urdu

Homemade beauty tips in Urdu

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