Home Exercises and Benefits

Home Exercises and Benefits

Home exercise, Strength training without equipment? It’s easy! Who are fit and wants to train his muscles, often chooses to go to the gym. It is a much cheaper and, above all, more effective alternative! Below we tells you how weight training and home exercises works without equipment.

Home Exercises

Training with your own body weight without equipment? Yes, that’s easy! Push ups, Sit ups and squats these home exercises you may already know.

But there are more than 100 strength exercises for which you need no equipment. From these, you can put together your individual training program itself.

#1 Door Pull With Knees Slightly Bent

Install in a wide open, stable door a towel. Holding both ends of towel close to the door handles. Your feet are directly below the door handles and firmly enclose the door.

Lean back until your arms are fully extended and knees form a 45 degree angle. The back is straight, now pull the upper body as far as possible to the hands approach while pulling the shoulder blades together.

  • Beware that the feet remain flat on the floor and you keep the angle in the knees.

Finally, you move slowly and controlled return to the starting position and pull the shoulder blades apart. This exercise is a little easier if you have something further from the door feet that is closer to your body Replace.

#2 Single Leg Squat on Knee

Backwards against a chair and stretch your arms out in front of. Your knee should almost touch the chair. Now lift your left foot and straighten your leg just above the ground by the front.

Go slow and controlled down until your buttocks touches the chair, but does not put it on them. Keep in motion at a slight swayback. Align then slowly back on by pressing the heel of the supporting leg firmly into the ground. First, perform all reps with one leg before you switch sides.

  • If you select a higher chair or place books or magazines on the seat, the exercise becomes easier.

#3 Push Ups with Hands

Push ups with hands on sternum height, Imagine a good step away next to a wall. Your feet are closed and your hands are placed slightly further than shoulder width apart at chest height on the wall.

  • This way you are leaning slightly forward, the body forms a straight line from head to foot, the Gluteal muscles are tense.

Bend your elbows until your nose almost touches the wall while holding buttocks and midsection tight. In the final position is the lower part of the chest between your hands.

  • Push yourself back from the wall and stretch through the arms. To make the exercise is a bit easier, you can go closer to the wall.

#4 Single Leg Hip Extension

Lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides are stretched. Her left leg straighten up. The right verses resting on a knee high object, the knee is flexed at a right angle.

Now lift out of the power of the right leg to the buttocks until your body from the right knee forms a slight Away bow to the shoulder. Then lower your hips back slowly and under control.

  • If you do not go quite as far to the above, the exercise becomes easier. Excerpts recommends to train 3 times a week for 30 minutes. These are about 3 x 10 reps per exercise.

Home Exercises Benefits

Strength training without equipment, These are the some advantages of home exercises.

Benefit # 1

It trains your entire body. Unlike many devices you workout with body weight exercises not only individual muscle groups, but always more. The training is therefore much more efficient.

Benefit # 2

It adapts to your skill level. By making small changes you can customize many home exercises to your personal level of performance either to make it a little easier, but also to increase the difficulty level.

Benefit # 3

It is cheap way, you must pay no dues in the gym or even a personal trainer. Nor do you need to invest in expensive home fitness equipment.

Benefit # 4

It’s fast and reliable, When you train at home, there are no long journeys to the gym or the studio. You can always start immediately.

Benefit # 5

It is not local whether in the living room, office or garden. Since you do not need any equipment, you can exercise your exercise program at any location.

Home Exercises and Benefits in Urdu

Home Exercises in Urdu

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