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Home Weight Loss Tips

Home Weight Loss Tips

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The T-shirt stretched, the pants tweaks hardly stands of summer at the door, looks some people with horror in the mirror. In addition to the extra pounds from the first winter barbecue sausages have settled on the hips.

For losing extra weight every one of us try different medicines and different weight loss tips, but the result is nothing. Because after few months after weight loss, again we gain weight with lots of health problems.

Home Weight Loss Tips

But don’t worry, we reveals the most effective home weight loss tips and tricks,with these weight loss tips you lose weight up to 10 – 15 pounds without dieting in 1 month.

Tips # 1

One of the best home weight loss tip for summer, the Buttermilk tag. For pure buttermilk is refreshing, provides calcium and fat and calories (40K calories and 1 g fat / 100 g).

Tips # 2

Mix 3 tsp oatmeal with 100 ml buttermilk and a little grated apple. Decreasing tricks for breakfast. Decreasing tricks for Snack, 250 ml buttermilk weight loss trick for Lunch, 1 banana with 100 ml buttermilk and 50 ml water puree are also helpful.

Tips # 3

One of the more stringent tip from home weight loss tips, Let the fingers of chocolate, sweets and ice cream. Who dispensed 1 – 2 weeks consistently, will notice a difference on the scale. No wonder a lot of fat in addition to the sweets in fact contain a lot of sugar.

Tips # 4

Water is one of the most natural foods diet and one of the best, It contains no sugar, no calories and is so in our weight loss tips the optimal thirst quencher.

Who wants to lose a few pounds in a hurry, should be without a time (at least 14 days) to other drinks.

Tips # 5

No alcohol, no sodas, no juices are allowed only water or unsweetened herbal teas. Because we usually don’t realize how many calories we take drinks to us.

Particular, alcohol is a fattening foods, these you should avoid in weight loss. Even harmless coffee from the coffee shop can become a nasty calories case.

Home Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

Home Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

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