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Immigration to South Africa

Immigration to South Africa

Visitors from Austria and Switzerland get a free visitor’s visa issued upon immigration to South Africa. It is stamped on the passport. This must be valid for at least 6 months. The “Visitor’s Permit” is limited to a maximum of 90 days and does not include any work permit.

South Africa calls birth certificates for children. All visitors traveling minors under the age of 18 must also present a birth certificate other than a valid passport. The birth certificate must be submitted in English. Every child needs a passport in the rest. An entry in the parents’ passport is not recognized.

Immigration to South Africa

South Africa is an attractive country of immigration to South Africa for people from Europe and Asia. The reasons for this are many – more sunny days, relaxed lifestyle and less hectic, fascinating nature and wildlife, less people, less expensive and more life niches for business ventures and investments.

Even jobs are – if you are well qualified – get sometimes easier and faster in Africa than in Pakistan. However, one must – some significant – compromising in terms of making the income expectations.

On the bases in this menu, the various options are shown to apply for a temporary visa or a Permanent Residence Permit (permission for permanent residence).

#1 Temporary Visa (Study visa)

This temporary residence permit is valid for up to 3 years and may be requested if you want to complete an academic year in South Africa, attend school or other educational institution, exert a charitable and voluntary activities (without compensation), or if one of South African or for permanent residence want to live together eligible spouses or partners.

The application fee can be applied either at Home Affairs in South Africa or in the home country. Submit are divorce certificates, police certificates and medical (including radiological) examination. In addition, sufficient funds (“sufficient financial means”) must be demonstrated in order to meet the livelihood (ca 10,000 Rand per month). A work permit is not associated with this visa.

#2 Work Visa

If you live in South Africa and want to work hired, you need this visa. You will need a workplace that is not easy to come by. Your future employer must place namely first publicly announce (by newspaper advertisement).

He must then submit the list of candidates and to demonstrate that there was no South African applicants with comparable qualifications or what was the reason for the rejection of all South African applicants. As a further hurdle your degree or your professional qualifications of SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) must be inspected and approved.

Besides this method, there is a quota system. This so-called “Quota Permit” applies to certain professional groups, which are set by the Ministry of Labour annually. Those lucky enough to obtain in this way a work permit, then has 90 days to find a job. To participate in the quota method, your degree or your professional qualifications before by SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) must have been inspected and approved.

Regardless of the quotas established a work permit is generally granted if you can demonstrate exceptional knowledge and skills (“extraordinary skills”).

#3 Business Visa or Permit

Entrepreneurs and investors can apply for a so-called “Business Visa”. It is usually issued for 2 years and is renewable indefinitely. Requirements for the issue is a minimum investment worth 2.5 million rand as an investment in the carrying value of an existing or proposed company, which must belong to a sector of the national interest lies (e.g modern information and communication technology, chemistry and biotechnology, processing of agricultural goods, automobile production, raw materials and mining, tourism and crafts).

In addition, at least 5 new jobs must be created for South Africans (within 5 years) and a differentiated business plan to be submitted.

#4 Retired Person Permit (visa for retirees)

A visa for older people in South Africa would like to retire and a fixed annuity or pension relate is then usually granted if the monthly pension income is at least 20,000 rand per person. Be recognized fixed assets that make up an income to be achieved.

The retiree visa is usually issued for a period of 4 years and can subsequently be renewed indefinitely for periods of 4 years.

#5 Permanent Visa (Immigration to South Africa)

The following persons may apply for permission for permanent residence or for permanent immigration to South Africa:

  1. Who owns at least 5 years a Work Permit, can apply for a permanent residence permit, if he has a permanent job. The permanent residence permit also includes the spouse or partner and children under 21 years.
  2. Spouses or partners of South African citizens or holders of a permanent residence permit can get, where the marriage or cohabitation has existed for at least 5 years of permanent residence. The partnership applies to both heterosexual and homosexual couples. However, it must be provided a proof that both partners live together.
  3. Entrepreneurs and investors, for 5 years had a business permit or a successful companies have established in South Africa may obtain permanent residence permit.
  4. Pensioners who receive a fixed pension income of more than 20, 000 Rand per month from Pakistan (or other countries).
  5. Financially independent persons who transfer assets worth at least 7.5 million R to South Africa and a one-time fee of R 75 000 payable to the Immigration Department.

How to Apply?

All applications for a temporary or permanent immigration to South Africa – are introduced by the applicants themselves – from Pakistan or off. However, you can also hire a South African lawyer (Attorney or Advocate) or a “Immigration Practitioner” with the procedure.

However, the latter must be a member of the Association of Immigration Practitioners of South Africa (AIPSA).

We generally advise you to hire a lawyer specializing in immigration issues with the application. It has been shown that this development – otherwise very tedious – application process is accelerated significantly.

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