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Online and Offline Indoor Maps Technology

How do you get the fastest from A to B? And where is the next Hammer burger joint nearby? For such questions card services are pretty great. There’s the one from Microsoft, Apple or Googles mapping service Google indoor maps.

The service have the guys from Google is now on the web as well as on the iPhone and iPad completely changed once and repainted.

Google Indoor Maps

Already in mid May Google had introduced its new maps features for buildings as well as indoor maps for mobile phones.

Previously you could only use the new cards, however, if you had registered Were you and then eventually drawn. Now the new cards for all online users are available for those uses the new Google indoor maps service.


The most striking feature of new Google indoor maps is that the “Search Bar”at the edge is gone, the cards are now displayed in full screen mode. Over time, Google maps will probably be different for each user, because of the service, For example, places where you were before, and is noted on the map.

Once you type in something in the “Search Bar”, this feature is used. Google maps recognize your place of residence, where you work, and suggests you restaurants, fashion shops and public transport nearby.

If you are on Google+, you are also the same recommendations of your friends displayed here.

In this case Google Maps shows you only the roads, which are important for you to calculate your route and travel time, depending on how you move. Also you can now switch between car, train, bicycle or pedestrian.

Handy new feature of indoor maps is that you can now save offline maps in the Apple version. This is especially handy when you are traveling abroad, For example, and have no internet.

#1 Online Indoor Maps

Card services are an indispensable part of everyday life. Helped earlier still awkward to folding maps in navigation, with these cards, the services disoriented around chastisement thing of the past at least on the road.

In indoor maps, the thing already looks different. Conduct, especially in the big shopping malls of the Republic, at airports and railway stations in a sign that often fail.

This problem has taken with its map service Google Maps for some time. Selected for building the search giant offers an inside view. Google’s indoor maps provide users with a detailed schematic view of the building including overview of the individual floors.

Until now, the offer only in the U.S. and selected European countries. Now Google has expanded its indoor maps on south Asian building. A detailed overview can be found in Official Google Blog.

Currently, only owners of Android smartphones Google’s new mapping service can use. About the website can not penetrate into the interior of the building. Even iPhone users watch still in the tube.

#2 Offline Indoor Maps

The offline maps were also revised the apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. For Apple’s tablet is completely new. In the navigation now the integration of traffic reports has been improved, and there is the 1st time the function that you can navigate by bike.

That worked quite well for a first test in Hamburg. The offline maps app also shows you to such roads that you can only drive with the bike.


You can download online and offline indoor maps for smartphones, iPads, androids and for computers directly from Google official website for free.

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