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Windows 8 tips and tricksDespite successful installation, the CD, DVD, BD drives are not displayed in Windows 8? After some users, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed, they noticed that existing CD, DVD, BD drives are no longer displayed. However, the CD, DVD, BD drives could be displayed with installed parallel systems, but unfortunately, the optical drives are designed with Windows 8 not after a restart, still displayed in the Device Manager, even though the installation was successful.

Apparently by this issue the systems affected, use the ATAPI interface. You must subsequently a Windows create 8 registry keys, and restart your computer.

However, you can perform this operation only with administrator privileges. To install missing DVD drivers in windows 8 follow our install windows 8 missing DVD drivers tips and tricks to install missing DVD drivers.

Install missing DVD drivers on windows 8

For installing windows 8 missing DVD, CD or BD drivers Proceed as follows.

1.    Start the registry editor.

2.    Press the Windows key and R.

3.   This opens the Run box.

4.   Please enter regedit and confirm with Enter.

5.   Now the Registry Editor starts up and go to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ atapi \ Controller0.

6.   In Registry Editor, click the right pane, find the selected key and enter DWORD Value EnumDevice1 a 1.

7.   Restart your system and it should be back to see all optical drives.


By these simple windows 8 missing DVD drivers installation tips you can easily install missing DVD drivers on window 8 from operating system not form external source.

Install missing DVD drivers in Urdu

Install missing DVD driver in Urdu

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