iPhone Calendar Apps

iPhone Calendar Apps

3 better calendar apps for iPhone, puzzled by the calendar of iOS 7? 3 great iPhone calendar apps to help a different perspective. The calendar layout of iOS 7 is not for everyone. Actually, it’s not bad, but the tastes obviously differ.

It also does not help to popular alternatives like Fantastical 2 dodge, because this calendar app might look fantastic, but represents the data in the same way as the standard calendar.

iPhone Calendar Apps

The following iPhone calendar apps are not just a result of its appearance, but rely also on the calendar database of iPhone. To ensure that all entries are synchronized via iCloud and compared with other devices. And you should be using a calendar, contrary to expectations not satisfied yet, just switch to another app, without grasping the dates again.

Peek Calendar

The relatively new Peek Calendar app can be the salvation for all those who are overwhelmed by information overkill of a filled calendar. Instead, shows a minimalist interface to the next day and then the month. Small strokes are for appointments, longer strokes for many dates.

A tap on a day the dates presented with an elegant entertainment and lets them connect as elegantly disappear. The operation works mainly through gestures.

Funny detail: If the brightness sensor on the unit covered with the hand or finger, Peek Calendar displays the current time.

Peek Calendar is in his playful lightness hard to surpass, which is also due to the well groomed, stylish effects. Above all, even the most tolerable calendar is divided into appetizers, so that the overview remains intact always.

Week Agenda

The target group of Week agenda is quickly identified, all users who would rather have a calendar made of paper. The calendar app is based on the classic layout of the office calendar, through which one could scroll with dramatic gestures to find a free space in the week. In the same way one navigates through the virtual sheets of Week agenda.

The representation of Week agenda is abundant unspectacular, but very clear and thus the purpose is fulfilled. The few layouts work equally in both portrait and landscape mode, the week display in portrait mode but works badly bruised.

Therefore Week agenda is particularly suitable for users who need to perform a few more dates, since the mass of the obligations suffers from this form of representation.

Even Week agenda is not localized in some countries. The calendar app costs just 1 franc. About In app purchases can add, such as with the data for the Swiss holiday, sporting events and more other calendars.

Overview Calendar

The Overview Calendar app adopted also by the classic calendar layout. This has in the opening credits of the Star Wars movies is working fine, so why not extend this effect to a calendar app? After a short time it becomes clear that this representation has its charm.

With a sweeping motion you rush through appointments, and can see at a glance which days are uncomfortably full. Here, the color scheme can be adapted by various calendar themes. The surface precipitated by the elegant, modern typography.

However, it is often the case that longer words are roughly separated. Overview Calendar should be the first choice for those who want nothing to do with a division into days, weeks or months. Instead, only counts the timeline.

Unfortunately, the all above iPhone calendar apps are not localized in some countries, but there is also too much not to translate. Free of charge.

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