iPhone GPS Tracking App

iPhone GPS Tracking App

New iPhone GPS tracking app function your phone though which knows where you were last night. Smartphones collect GPS location data, to warn us of bad weather or traffic jam and to recommend restaurants in the area.

They create motion profiles along the way. A new iPhone GPS tracking app function often indicates Visited on cards.

iPhone GPS Tracking App

Popular Places” is a new iPhone GPS tracking app feature that Apple apparently plans for the next version of its mobile operating system. At least in the current beta version of iOS 7, users can view, which collects their phone for local data. Date and times are listed, the determined GPS locations are shown on a map (read indoor maps).

If you activate the function of its location or its iPhones Android phone can automatically collect his phone these data. Apple and Google use this information, for example to display a detailed weather report or disclose information about traffic jams. Also, the phones can recommend restaurants or shops nearby.

  • The phones can easily see where their users are at home who regularly spends 8 hours overnight in a place that Google and Apple should not have to specify its address specifically.

Google calls accordingly calculated automatically places all the “work” and “at home”. The user can get as customized offers that can be also market principle. Long been the big tech companies have internalized the mantra of real estate locations, or any other GPS location.

Google and Apple Show GPS Location Data

Side effect of practical life coaching is an accurate motion profile. Device the phone in the wrong hands, can find out about the private life of the owner as much.

  • For criminals to investigators as the GPS location data are a treasure trove, which reveal the lives of their users. With the “Common Places” lets users of Apple’s now browse through our own local data. Google is such an overview, which can be accessed on the website, “Location History” .

Google allows its users to remove the location data of a day with a click of the digital memory. Similarly, we can delete the entire local storage. At Apple, there are only the option to delete the entire course but until the software is released in the fall, things may change yet.

Even with an earlier version of iOS to create motion profiles were detailed – if not intended by Apple. Launched in June 2010, iOS 4 improved on the basis of wireless networks in the vicinity of the position determination.

Even with this feature turned off GPS location data has been stored a long time. 2 software developers presented a program available that read the GPS data from a backup of the phone and was able to represent on a map.

iPhone GPS Tracking App Hidden Features

At that time, the hidden iPhone GPS tracking app feature caused some outrage. Future could run the GPS data collection transparent and Apple. With the cards Android and iPhone (read best iPhone apps) users also get an idea of what they reveal about metadata.

  • With Google’s local data is stored on Google’s servers, and Apple could be the case. Who does not like it, you can disable the tracking. At least on your own smartphone.

For not only the phone can collect GPS location data even mobile providers to remember which device has been where and when stopped. In the meantime, these data were stored for 6 months, so that the police could snoop on mobile phone users later.

  • The “Common Places” feature of the iPhone GPS tracking app or the “Site History” at Google can anyway understand well how makes us glasses storing GPS location data.

Even professionals such metadata can be stored by providers undoing. A secret CIA operation flew on, because the agents dealt careless with their phones.

Download iPhone GPS Tracking App

You can easily download iPhone GPS tracking app of your choice from Apple store.

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