Lips care

Lips Care Tips

Lips Care Tips

Lips are the sensitive, soft and delicate but most important and beautiful part of our body. Lips plays important in the actual beauty of human being.

For making you personality more beautiful and attractive you should give proper attention and care to you lips. If you can’t give proper lips care but dust and pollution leave negative effect on you lips skin making them dark.

Lips Care Tips

Dark lips can put effect on you beauty. Here in article we are submitting some lips care tips and lips care tips in Urdu. By following these lips care tips you can give daily lips care to your lips and can make you lips beautiful and attractive.

First you should know that you have to buy lips care products of good and well known companies. The cheap lips care products damage your lips, spoil your lips skin and make them darker in color.

Tips # 1

Natural pigments are present in our lips skin which protect our lips from the sunlight ultra violet rays effects. As the weather changed the lips skin chapped and cracked. If your lips chapped with the extreme effects of weather the you should used olive oil on your chapped lips.

Tips # 2

You should clean your lips before going to bed and apply Vaseline or cream on your lips. You can also used the Saffron dipped leaves on your lips and after 10 minutes wash them.

Tips # 3

Mix ground Alum or alum powder with rose sap and few drop of lemon juice. Now make the mixture of products and apply it on your lips. This mask make can change your dark lips into pink lips.

Tips # 4

In winter you can used raw cow milk for your dark and chapped lips care. Mix cream with few drops of lemon juice and rose sap and used that paste on you lips delicate dark skin.

Tips # 5

Rub tomato and dried lemon peel on you lips this process can change the darkness of lips into pink. Make the mixture of mashed rose petal and milk and used it on your dark lips to make them pink.

Tips # 6

Take some butter or fresh cream and rose petals powder. make a mixture of these things and applied on you lips skin. This process should keep your lips skin moist and fresh.

If powder is not available you can take a rose flower and put it for drying. Take dried rose petals and mashed them with your hand to make the powder.

Lips Care Tips in Urdu

Lips care beauty tips in Urdu

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