Lips care

Lips Care Tips

Lips Care Tips

Lips need special care, because they are the UV radiation outdoors always exposed. Many women and men also suffer from chapped lips, so that good lip care is essential. You have to know that the skin of the lips is very thin compared to the skin on the rest of the face.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is also very sensitive. Just the cold season makes our lips to create strong, because in the winter lips are not only frequently exposed to the cold, but they must also endure the change from cold after warm and the heater exposed to air, which leads to lighter drying out.

Therefore you must make, especially in winter that your lips are regularly supplied with plenty of moisture. We have here once compiled for you a few lips care tips and lips beauty tips in Urdu that will help you to maintain your lips perfectly or even cure. So here are our lips care tips for a perfect lip care.

Lips Care Tips

  1. Basically, you can always Bag Balm, Marigold ointment or Vaseline on your lips. So your lips always remain beautiful supple. In addition, you can thus prevent your lips dry out and are therefore rough and cracked.
  2. Before you go to sleep you should also give a fatty care on the lips, because during sleep, the skin regenerates best.
  3. What the lips also doing very well, honey, this you can easily enter between every now and again on the lips, for he not only tastes good but also has a healing and nourishing effects.
  4. What the lips also does very well is a facial steam. 3 to 4 times a week you can make a chamomile steam room. Simply enter a few chamomile flowers in a bowl of hot water. Let’s briefly pull the whole thing and inhale with a towel over his head the soothing fumes. 5 to 10 minutes is perfect.
  5. Before applying lipstick, you should always apply cream your lips. This makes them nice supple because cracks and irregularities are smoothed out. Creams your lips before, then also holds the lipstick much longer.

Lips Care Tips in Urdu

Lips care tips

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