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Long Hair Tips

Long Hair Tips

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Smooth, long and shiny hair or silky curls full of elasticity – who would not like such a hairstyle? The good news with proper long hair care tips, everyone can make the most of his hair – even with hair problems of split ends to lackluster locks.

Hair is only beauty in the long run if they are cared for according to their needs. But it is such a large mass of hair care products present on the market that consumers often feels overwhelmed.

  • First: the question arises, what products or Brands deliver what they promise.
  • Second: it must also be differentiated between the various hair care product types.

As it comes to skin care is also to say in terms of hair care that individual measures must be taken. There are lots of long hair tips through which the hair can be made more effective.

Long Hair Tips

Long hair is a symbol of beauty and femininity – in particular as regards women long hair are considered sexy and seductive.

Twin Peaks and straw look should therefore be avoided. If the hair is already very damaged, then the scissors must come to train. So what should be considered in the care of long hair? Here are some long hair tips:

Tips # 1

Too frequent washing should be avoided. Mild, such as baby shampoo or products with natural ingredients are preferred.

Tips # 2

A rinse makes hair easier to comb and is ideal for fine hair. For dry hair conditioner regularly is recommended.

Tips # 3

Whether cure or flushing – the effect of heat promotes the process: Simply cover the hair with aluminium foil or plastic wrap.

Hair should not be washed with hot water to. A cold shower in the end is good for blood circulation to the scalp.

Tips # 4

Special shampoos and conditioners provide more shine. Hair tip fluid is ideal to prevent split ends: It wraps the hair structure and leaves the lengths immediately look healthier.

However, it is to note that hair tip fluid often contain silicone’s.

Hair Care

Here are some hair masks for long and shinny hair. These hair masks not only make hair long and strong also provide them maximum nourishment.

Mask # 1

Egg’s are very well known as the important ingredient of hair mask. Take two eggs, whipped them and apply on hairs. After half an hour wash hairs.

Mask # 2

Take some 1-2 tsp of shampoo, 1 egg and 1 tsp simple blancmange powder. Mix all the ingredients and whipped them well. This paste is a good conditioner for getting long and strong hair.

Because both egg and blancmange powder contain sufficient amount of essential Proteins, that are essential for healthy hair.

Long Hair Tips in Urdu

Long Hair Tips in Urdu

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