Make money on Facebook

Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is a platform very well known for a number of activities, and other socializing. In today’s world, everything in the corporate world and social support on the Internet. Consequently there are many of these sites that help you get started in a number of works and ideas of the people.

Facebook is the site such as the one which began its work in a fun social networking site, where millions of users can get in touch with long lost acquaintances. Here below in this article we give you some online money making tips and tell you that how you can make money on Facebook.

Make Money on Facebook

Today, with the development in all aspects of technology, and also make Facebook an effort recently. It represents a unique opportunity for developers, marketers and companies. Because it can take advantage of the crowd social network of young, active, and viral diseases.

Consequently, how do you make money on Facebook through numerous applications that offer to their users. So, read on to find out what tricks to make money on Facebook applications without the help of a lot of guys brain!.

#1 Facebook Pages

Starts before anything for your online business, you have to remember that this is a long term strategy. When you create an account with Facebook, make sure your personal information mainly about yourself and not so much about the business.

  1. You do not have to make it look very formal as if you were there just to sell stuff, but on the other hand, they also do not be afraid to offer products and services directly on your profile page.
  2. If you think you need more content on the homepage, you can use some of the different applications available for Facebook to do so. This will help to fill some space or even sell goods and services directly from your profile. Read all about how to create a page on Facebook.
  3. When you do this some applications developer account will drive traffic to your website. And will do so not only from your profile, but also through the pages of your website, and you can make from advertising and services.
  4. You can also create traffic by making the maximum number of friends and invite them to join the groups. You can send friend requests to members of these groups, so familiar on your pages.

#2 Facebook Groups

  1. Once you have your pages, which are classified in the picture, although weak, then you can create a group to support each business or product line. Know how you can make a group on Facebook.
  2. These groups are made ​​with friends and members of the group that can add videos, photos and start topics of interest as well as create jobs and deliver presentations.
  3. Since it is your page and under your authorization, you can only delete posts and videos that are unwanted. Can only add other and write in your page.
  4. You can also send invitations to friends to join the groups, as well as to visit, ‘Stop for groups of friends, pages, inviting overview as well as asking them to participate in interesting topics.
  5. Thus, when friends see groups and the traffic that was born in the group, will also join. As you know, when there are ‘publications’ within the group, they are shown in the Facebook Feed of each member.

In this way you can also make money on Facebook fan pages and use other applications such as Facebook.


Make sure you go slow while you make money on Facebook, as Facebook will disable your account if you abuse the system. You probably do not send more than 25 or 30 friend requests in a single day. Also make sure you do not create more than 2 pages as well as the 2 groups in the week.

With these ways to make money on Facebook, you have to be careful that you do not infringe any intellectual property rights. And also remember that Facebook is a social networking site, which was created just for the Global entertainment and socializing!.

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