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Make Money With Apps

Make Money With Apps

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You definitely want to make money with apps? I know how to accomplish that and I can already tell you that if you do it right you tackle very much revenue can be expected.

I do not know if you to go a bit over time, but apps are super popular. Ask any person to show his smartphone and I guarantee you that he or she has 10 apps on his phone certainly are. What does that have to do with making money with apps? The range is huge.

Why this is so I’ll tell you later. Here below I will explain how you can make money with apps.

Make Money With Apps

Just as an example, Angry Birds. Ever heard of that app? Probably anyway. For those who do not know, Angry Birds is a hugely popular game. Do not be alarmed, but the app is more than 100 million copies sold in the app store from Apple.

Only the sale of the app makers 100 million x $ 0.89 = $ 89 million completed (they have some cede to Apple). Now do you see why apps are really appropriate? In this example, only the income from sales included.

#1 App Sales

As you have already seen in the previous example, you can earn a lot of online money by selling your apps. 100 million sales is very difficult to achieve, but 10,000 should still be feasible. With a price per app, For example, $ 1.00 you have the first $ 10,000 already inside.

The money you earn by selling your app is fine, but there’s actually something more important, USER. It is very important that you have many users of your app.

#2 In-App Ads

The second way to make money with apps is through advertisements. Everyone knows in-app ads up. You see them in almost every app though. Often the text ads or banners at the bottom of your screen.

The advantage of these ads is that you are paid per click. Users do not necessarily have to buy something or fill. Anything One click is enough, then you have money inside.

Another method that you often see passing by is a lite version of the app with annoying advertisements. If the user wants to do the ads way he or she should buy the full app.

#3 Promotion Making

The 3rd online business model to make money with apps, make possible an indirect model. This is lucrative if you have your own business or if you have multiple apps in management.

If you own a business apps are ideal for bringing actions. Attention You see several large companies do. For example, create a fun game where prizes to be won. Clearly demonstrate that the app is linked to your business. In this way, useful apps to make your business.

Other Ways

Another way to get a promotion is to promote via apps. Through your other apps If you release a 3rd party app that is suddenly very popular, you can use the app to bring your other apps.

Inform users Satisfied users will now be much faster to download your apps go, creating a chain reaction can occur and in this way you can make money with apps more easily and quickly.

Make Money With Apps in Urdu

Earn money with apps in Urdu

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