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With the term “Men boots” associate many immediately equestrian or western dance. With the cowboy boot and riding boots may be actually identified two well known representative of this traditional shoe model, but is a versatile repertoire of men boots so that only touched upon. We introduce this special men shoes, including origin and models.

In addition to a high level of comfort, cozy, warm feet and a better grip on slippery surfaces, the versatile boot look for men from classically elegant about smart enough. Even with the lock the men boots are no limits. They are available with open lacing, with a closed vamp with buckles. A combination of hooks and eyes are the boots not uncommon.

Of course we want in this series do not neglect the traditional footwear of North American cattle drovers. Originally intended purely as a work shoes, cowboy boot gives its carriers still a personal fashion style. But long before the 19th Century were boots an integral part of popular men fashion.

Under the term men boots, shoe lovers now understand shoes, the shaft extends at least over the ankle, while but no longer than 20 centimeters. Although the shaft height and laces may vary, but have high quality boots for men are usually a double out sole. Now the 3 most important representatives at a glance.

Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea Boot, named after the London district, distinguished by its unadorned shaft and the two side elastic inserts. Once developed by the London shoemaker J. Sparks Hall about 1837, this special polarized men boots model for a long time the opinions of shoe lovers. Even in 1920 the Chelsea boots were reprimanded in a gentleman’s breviary as “extremely ugly”, so their use is limited for the time being on the equestrian sport.

However, with the success of the Beatles advanced the Chelsea boots a sought after footwear. Since then, better known as the Beatle boot, the men boots are enjoying today on a narrower last form of large popularity. The Chelsea boot can be both a casual outfit and jeans combine as well with a suit.

George boat

The George boat is a relatively young shoe model. The reaching above the ankle men boots recalls the shaft base section of the classic derby. Characteristic are its sleek, one piece vamp, which reach far back side neighborhoods and the open 3 hole lacing.

In the smooth leather version, this elegant George boat boots design goes perfectly with a business suit. The George boot from suede is more suitable for less formal occasions, however.

Jodhpur boot

The roots of Jodhpur are again in India. During the colonial rule of the British soldiers not waived even far away from home to their beloved sport of polo. But the usual riding boots proved in the tropical temperatures than uncomfortably warm. In favor of a more airy version cut the soldiers their boots further ado and Jodhpur was born.

Typical of these men boots is his running around the foot strap, which allows a better grip of the foot. The Jodhpur is still regarded as a popular riding boots, but he already meets the requirements of a modern business shoe. At best, however, this men shoe model comes with a slim tapered trousers to advantage.

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