Nail care

Men Nail Care Tips

Men Nail Care Tips

Well kept nails and hands are not only in women for flawless appearance but also in men. The hands are the hallmarks of a cultivated man. Dirt edges, chewed nails, rough hands or a discolored nail bed are embarrassing, unsightly and a negative impression.

Nails are like hair they look unkempt, the entire image is no longer correct. Once a week, invest a few minutes and already it works with the neighbor.

Men Nail Care Tips

Even when men are well kept nails the figurehead. So here are men nail care tips for those men who want beautiful, strong and shinny nails. So by following these men nail care tips, you can kept your nails strong, shinny and beautiful.

  1. First dirt should always be removed under the nails immediately.
  2. The nails are trimmed as far with the nail clippers or scissors that they do not protrude beyond the fingertip.
  3. Then they will just filed down with a file at the top. On the outside they are rounded, so they received a total of an oval shape.
  4. To remove excess cuticle, the nail bed is scrubbed every day in the shower with a fingernail brush.
  5. For a special occasion, the nails can be polished. For this, the nail plate is greased and then processed with a polishing file.

Men Nail Care Tips in Urdu

Men nail care tips in Urdu

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