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Oily Hair Care Tips

Oily Hair Care Tips in Urdu

The overproduction of sebaceous glands may be genetic or due to stress caused oily hair. Also medicines for the increased production of sebum may be responsible, which are taken to hormonal changes during puberty or just going through menopause.

Especially oily hair are very annoying, the reason for this is not always the wrong Shampoos or too little care. Even an unhealthy diet is blamed for oily hair. But how should you care oily hair right? This includes in any case a suitable shampoo.

Oily Hair Care Tips

Here below are oily hair care tips for both men and women’s oily hairs.

Tips # 1

An oily hair during washing can be avoided. Shampoo for oily hair should always be washed thoroughly, while the water temperature should not be set too high.

Tips # 2

The hair care products should be massaged into the scalp and used no more often than every 2 days. However, not too much pressure should be applied when you massage it.

Otherwise, the scalp is removed too much fat, the result could be itching and redness.

Tips # 3

A mild anti-grease shampoo should be used, the shampoo is rinsed out, then it should be rinsed with cold water again. The towel should not be in drying the hair be strongly pushed and the rubbing should be avoided.

Very beneficial for oily hair is the long combing or brushing.

Tips # 4

On the styling, special attention should be placed on some products should be avoided in any case. Products that contain silicone, are absolutely prohibited for oily hairs, just should not be a hair wax are used. Thus the hair is difficult and it still looks greasy.

Tips # 5

As an alternative, dry shampoos can be chosen to be incorporated into dry hair and brushed out again after a few minutes.

Oily Hair Care Tips in Urdu

Oily Hair Care Tips in Urdu

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