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Oranges Benefits

Oranges health benefits

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Orange is a citrus fruit of the most popular varieties in the world. Apart from the delicious taste, it also contains many essential nutrients such as vitamin A, B-1, and C. Studies have shown that eating oranges is the best way to get supplements that our body needs.

It is believed that citrus fruits such as oranges helps the body absorb nutrients and health. In addition, Orange is also a good source of amino acids, beta carotene, Folic-acid, pectin, potassium, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, chlorine and zinc.

Oranges Benefits

Some important orange benefits are as fallows:-

Benefit # 1

Oranges contain Vitamin C in large quantities helps to increase the absorption of other foods in the body, especially those that contain iron.

Orange contains a compound D- limonene, which proved to be effective in the prevention of some cancers such as lung and breast cancer, mouth, colon and skin cancers.

Benefit # 2

Orange is a good source of folate or folic acid, which helps in the proper growth of the brain. Also which is an essential nutrient for sperm and protects sperm from genetic damage which may lead to birth defect.

Benefit # 3

Antioxidants in orange protect the skin from free radical damage known to cause signs of aging. A high proportion of fiber in oranges helps stimulate the digestive juices, and thus relieve constipation.

Oranges are also rich in calcium, which helps maintain healthy bones and teeth well.

Benefit # 4

Oranges contain fiber, which is working on the treatment of stomach ulcers and studies proved that eating the fruit of an orange a day working on the prevention of gastric ulcers.

As the composite non-queasy pectin works to increase the growth of some important and useful for the stomach bacteria which on the prevention of injuries intestinal.

Benefit # 5

Orange helps to strengthen the immune system performance and increase the production of white blood cells that prevent the incidence of various diseases. Also oranges helps in reducing the proportion of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Benefit # 6

Orange is a good source of dietary fiber, which helps support a healthy digestive system, It also helps in weight loss and reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Natural fructose in oranges helps to balance blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.

Oranges Benefits in Urdu

Oranges Benefits in Urdu

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