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ParalysisIn this disease individual body parts such as arms and legs, some muscles (such as the eye muscles) or the entire body are paralyzed they can not be moved.

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This is the case when the nervous system or individual nerves are disturbed in their function. Doctors refer to a paralysis depending on the extent as,

  • Plegia:- complete paralysis of skeletal muscles.
  • Complete paralysis: (e.g including muscles of blood vessels)
  • Palsy:- loss of strength or partial paralysis.

Another form of disease is the Paraplegia. This can occur when the spinal cord is damaged. Depending on the location and extent of damage hemiparesis, hemiplegia, quadriplegia or may occur.


Sometimes disease occurs suddenly, For example after an accident, a herniated disc or in the so called idiopathic facial palsy, of unknown cause. Depending on the cause and treatment may be a paralysis again to return or remain.

There are also some diseases that can lead to slowly progressive paralysis, such as certain nervous diseases and muscle disorders (e.g, muscular dystrophy ). Among the more common causes of hemiparesis include, for example, Stroke, Brain tumor, inflammatory diseases of the brain.


At every sudden or new onset paralysis, a diagnosis by the doctor is particularly important because a serious illness (e.g, stroke ), not must be based on, but it could.

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The doctor first few questions, such as when the disease has occurred if there was a specific triggering event (such as an accident or injury), if further complaints are made, whether pre existing conditions are known (e.g, atherosclerosis , diabetes mellitus), and whether drugs are taken.

It usually followed by a physical examination, a blood test and a thorough neurological examination in which the doctor examines include the ability to move, muscle strength, reflexes, and the sensual feelings.


Treatment depends on the underlying cause. Paralysis can take a very different course.

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Thus forms in most cases, a facial palsy (facial paralysis) of unknown cause within 3 weeks to 6 months of self back. Are nerve and muscle inflammation caused by infections cause of the paralysis might be deemed as a therapeutic antibiotics or virus inflammatory drugs necessary.

Disease caused by a brain tumor was caused may, under certain circumstances after a successful surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment of the tumor to regress again.

  • In many neurological diseases paralysis is irreversible, however. This means that the nerve is permanently withdrawn from work and thus remains the disease.

Paralysis in Urdu

paralysis in Urdu

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