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Pedicure Tips

Pedicure Tips in Urdu

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We all like to have the hands and feet perfect, especially when sandal season arrives and who doesn’t like the manicure last much longer?

Today we come to tell you a few and last much longer pedicure tips for better feet care. So from these tips you can make your feet healthy, soft and beautiful.

Pedicure Tips

Some effective and daily pedicure tips for dry and cracked feet are as fallow.

Tips # 1

The first thing to do to start the process is free of any trace your nail polish, either colored or transparent.

For this, you should use a nail polish remover that has among its members some acetone, since this substance helps your nail enamel release not only but also of other impurities that may have. You just need to put some product on a cotton pad and rub your nails with it.

Tips # 2

Then and clean fingernails, put hot water in a container large enough to fit your feet in it. The water should be as hot as you can stand and enter your feet 5 to 10 minutes.

You can add oils, soap or bath salts, some people add fresh flowers, but optional.

Tips # 3

Water helps to soften the skin. So now, using a stiff brush or Corn Cutter, you should rub the areas with hardening or require more care.

Try not to make too much pressure because it could hurt. If you have calluses or serious hardening, you can go directly to the next foot pedicure step.

Tips # 4

This is one of the most important pedicure tips. With a pumice stone, sand paper or a product that Ex-foliates, carefully rubbed all the skin off your feet.

This will help to remove impurities, dead cells and old skin for renewed skin that can take place.

Tips # 5

You should be careful when removing it is the junction between the nails and skin, which can be very painful if done incorrectly.

Never cut, push her skin was either an orange stick or a cuticle pushes metal. Both of you can find at any beauty supply store.

Tips # 6

With the aid of some cream or scented oil, give a gentle massage to your feet. From the ankles to the tips of the fingers, the way that best pleases you. The cream or oil will help keep your feet moisturized and massage will improve circulation.

Now, after all the pedicure process, you need to wipe your feet again to remove all traces of the products you have used. Try to thoroughly clean your nails and between your fingers with water and, if desired, a little liquid soap. Then with a cotton towel dry them very well.

Pedicure Tips in Urdu

Pedicure Tips in Urdu

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