Physical Exercises

Physical Exercises

Everyone knows the problem without doing physical exercises, You sit all day at a desk is busy his company to bring forward, or to work for one. You answer Emails, phone calls leads, conducts search engine optimization and more. Eventually you move in thought his head to look out the window and suddenly it is there a stabbing pain in the neck region.

When it comes to you from time to time as well, then you can help these 5 physical exercises going back to get more energy for your real job.

Circulate the Shoulders

This exercise is the perfect way to make himself once something warm and so to lay the foundation for further exercises. It is important to note the following:

  • Sit down best on the outermost edge of your chair and take an upright sitting position.
  • Put your hands on your shoulders and start moving now, slowly perform 10 uniform circular motion with his shoulders.

Recommended is, only the circular movements to “back them”, and then move to the “front”. Thus you can ensure that the rear and front shoulder muscles are relaxed, but be careful.

Neck Movement

As 2nd exercise, we now proceed in the neck area. Also, please sit down again at the outermost edge of your chair and take a more upright sitting position. This exercise is as follows:

  • 1st, pull your chin toward the chest, and you will achieve an extension of the hind neck muscles. Persevere in this position for about 5 seconds.
  • Now move the chin slowly toward the ceiling so that you achieve an elongation of the anterior neck muscles and at the same time give the back time to recover from the strain. In this position you will persevere for about 5 seconds.

Do the same now with the lateral neck muscles, plus once you move to the right shoulder half and once to the left and wait again in that position for about 5 seconds. Go all 4 movements only so far until you feel a comfortable pull on the neck, no case on!

Strengthening of Neck Muscles

After 2 stretching exercises now follows a power exercise, but do not scare, you are not going to start lifting weights, you work all the time with your own body.

  • For this exercise you will again take a more upright sitting position.
  • Then fold arms behind his head and try very slowly to push this forward.
  • At the same time you keep up with your neck muscles, however, so your head is pushed in any direction.

Once you discover an effort to get the intensity for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then you can take a break and start again from scratch. Repeat the exercise three times best. Do the same now the other way around, that is, fold arms in front of the head and perform the same movement as described above again. Again, again, Please don’t overdo it, a slight pull is perfectly adequate for this purpose.

Circles with Arms Outstretched

The penultimate exercise is again a little strength exercise.

  • Put up for this again just now and stretch your arms simultaneously to the left and right.
  • Make sure that your arms fully extended and really your shoulders and arms form a straight line.
  • Your upper body makes as it were by a “T”. Now you start with your arms to make circular motions.
  • These movements should have a diameter of approximately 10 to 15 cm, try as many circuits as possible in the air “paint” to.
  • Once a slight fatigue pain occurs, stop and let your arms hang down loosely.

This exercise can be repeated 3 times, you can also vary the direction of movement. The difficult about this exercise is that your shoulders must hold the entire weight of your arms in an outstretched position, so your shoulders are well trained.

Promote Blood Circulation

The last exercise is perfect for in between and this does not even exhausting.

  • Sit on the outer edge of your chair, where your legs are at a 90 ° angle.
  • Now slide one leg under your chair so your thighs toward your floor.
  • Once you feel a slight pull in your thighs, you should hold this position.
  • You can keep your leg as long as desired in this position. Then the other leg’s turn.

This exercise serves mainly the blood flow, so you get noticeably more energy during your work at the desk and faster to focus again. All of these exercises together last no longer than 10 minutes, so try this a try! You will be surprised what a little movement, including in the workplace brings.

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