Piles (Hemorrhoids) Disease

Piles (Hemorrhoids) Disease

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Piles or Hemorrhoids one of the most common diseases. There is no suffering that occurs only in old age. Starting at the early age are very common. Here below you will find lots of information about piles, tips how to get rid and what are the piles symptoms.

Hundreds of thousands of people are concerned, I will help you with this page, get rid of piles so you will get your old life.

Piles (Hemorrhoids) Disease

The term piles is often equated in the parlance of the hemorrhoids. The terminology “hemorrhoid” is derived from the ancient Greek words for “blood” and “flow” from.

Swelling of blood vessels around a vessel pad which is to be found in any healthy people in the region of the lower rectum is called as hemorrhoid.


Possible piles causes are manifold and are controversial issues in science. But factors such as frequent sitting, obesity, a faulty diet favoring affect hemorrhoidal enlargements or reductions.

Also genetic vulnerabilities and congenital connective tissue weakness etc are the causes.


Itching around the anus as a symptom of disease. Other possible symptoms include, For example, foreign body feelings as well as painless bleeding during bowel elimination.

Treatment Tips

A pathological enlargement of hemorrhoids in a patient designed symptom free, as is a medical treatment not necessary in every case.

However, if a therapy aimed at, this is based primarily on disease severity and extent, treatment goals, and general health condition of a patient.

Surgical Treatment

During this procedure, a removal of enlarged portions of a Hamorrhoidal polsters. A subsequent healing process extends in most patients over a number of weeks.

The hemorrhoidectomy primarily for surgical control of 4th degree hemorrhoids used is usually accompanied by a multi-day inpatient hospital stay.

Home Remedies

Easy to use and effective Haemorrhoids home remedies are:

Remedy # 1

To avoid skin irritation in the anal area or relieve, experts suggest, for example, to place great emphasis on the intimate hygiene.

After a toileting the after should not be cleaned with a dry, but with moist toilet paper beyond.

Remedy # 2

Also, adequate fluid intake is a frequent contributor to relieve hemorrhoidal pain, as this a soft stool consistency is encouraged.

Remedy # 3

Among other things, a regular application of calendula cream, castor oil or tea tree oil (also mashed banana and cottage cheese may be suitable for application) as well as sitz baths in chamomile tea or oak bark extract.

Experts also recommend a regular training of the sphincter by repeated short-term tightening the glutes for patients.

Piles (Hemorrhoids) Disease in Urdu

Piles (Haemorrhoids) Disease in Urdu

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