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Pregnancy Diet Tips

Pregnancy Diet Tips and Diet Chart in Urdu

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A varied and healthy diet during pregnancy is very important for you and your baby. Most important is healthy to eat so that your body and baby get all the necessary nutrients. Improper diet and weight gain are entirely ‘normal’ in a pregnancy, the related question of a diet so understandable. But what are the consequences for the baby? Clearly, it could harm the baby.

Intake of improper diet important nutrients, vitamins and energy would be missing and cause of food shortage to under supply. Possible consequences could be physical and mental development disorders.

So proper healthy diet, Vitamins and nutrients are the elements that a woman needs during pregnancy for themselves. For both child and mother, a balanced and rich diet is necessary.

Nutrition Chart for Pregnant Women

Here is daily nutrition chart for pregnant women for safe and healthy pregnancy.

Nutrient requirements Normal daily requirement Needs in pregnancy
Vitamins Requirement
Viatmin A 0.8 mg 1.1 mg
Viatmin D 5 ug 5 ug
Viatmin E 12 mg 13 mg
Viatmin B1 1 mg 1.2 mg
Viatmin B2 1.2 mg 1.5 mg
Viatmin B6 1.2 mg 1.9 mg
Viatmin B12 3 ug 3.5 ug
Viatmin C 100 mg 110 mg
Folic acid 0.4 mg 0.6 mg
Niacin or Viatmin B3 100 mg 110 mg
Mineral / Trace element
Calcium 100 mg 100 mg
(1200 mg in women <19 years)
Magnesium 300 mg 310 mg
Iron 15 mg 30 mg
Iodine 200 ug 230 ug

Note: ug = IU unit usually used for measuring fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D and E etc.

Important: The energy needs of a pregnant woman is increased from the fourth month on average about 255 calories per day. This increased demand is due to the growth of the fetus and placenta

Pregnancy Diet Tips

Now, in pregnancy, it is particularly important that you eat a balanced diet. So that you and your baby all the nutrients get, you need both.

Here are some pregnancy diet tips and good ideas to assist you in implementing some basic principles into action, follow our pregnancy diet tips. If you already guessed that you have not eaten not always healthy, it is even more important in order to start in your pregnancy.

Enjoy nutritious and balanced food. Your daily meals should include all food-major groups, as recommended by the experts.

Tips # 1

Fruits and vegetables: Try a day five fruits and vegetables to eat – whether fresh, frozen, dried or fresh juice or a homemade smoothie.

Tips # 2

Food Carbohydrates: This group includes bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. The base should be whenever possible from whole grains.

Tips # 3

Protein-rich foods: These include primarily lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs and legumes such as peas, beans and lentils. Meat, including sausage and eggs should two on the table three times.

Try once a week or twice to eat fish , whether fresh, frozen or canned, the main thing he is not raw. Select once a high-fat fish such as salmon, herring or mackerel, because it contains important omega-3 fatty acid and iodine.

Tips # 4

Dairy products: Milk, cheese and yogurt in this group – all contain a lot of protein and calcium. Eat it daily three portions, such as a slice of cheese, a yogurt and a glass of milk.

Especially iron and folic acid in pregnancy important and you have a higher demand than usual. Seek advice from your doctor if you should carry these substances with a nutritional supplement.

Pregnancy Diet Tips in Urdu

Pregnancy Diet Tips in Urdu

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