Windows 7

Repair Windows 7

Repair Windows 7

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Windows 7 is one of the most stable operating systems from Microsoft. Compared to its predecessors can not bring so quickly out of the balance of this operating system. If this nevertheless happen, the operating system brings a multitude of tools that allow you to resolve most issues quickly and relatively easily again.

Whether this is poorly written drivers, corrupt boot sectors or files or the dreaded Blue Screen. The following article describes how to repair windows 7 when the system is hooked and churning out error messages spit out, not completely start, or no longer wants to boot up.

How to Repair Windows 7

Windows 7 is a stable operating system but not always possible to avoid problems. Sometimes files are corrupted and can not be opened or the installation of Service Pack 1 leads to crashing the system.

Most repair tasks done while an on board agents, the Windows Recovery Environment, short WinRE is a Mini Windows based on Windows PE. It is located on your Windows 7 DVD.

The Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) it is part of the setup DVD of Windows and repaired a broken Windows 7 installation.

Start WinRE: Boot the computer with the setup DVD of Windows 7. Choose the second dialog box of the Windows installation “Computer repair functions”. It will start WinRE. Select your Windows installation and click “Next”.

It is normal that, WinRE under “place” as the installation partition “D:” instead of “C:” indicates. The drive letter “C:” WinRE awards for the 120 Mbyte system partition.

If you just do not have Windows 7 DVD to hand, then you can easily download the Windows 7 Setup DVD for free at Microsoft.

Repair Windows 7 in Urdu

Repair Windows 7 in Urdu

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