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Round Face Makeup

Round Face Makeup

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The round face makeup is a challenge for beauticians, because by the round shape of the actual contours are poorly defined, and covered. At the full moon face the game at the level of the cheekbones is pronounced, the forehead is large and the face shape around.

Here you can give the face a structure of a matching makeup. Some girls and women who have a round face, need advice and help to apply makeup properly and perfectly.

Round Face Makeup

Below are some step by step round face makeup tips which can help to make a round face appear narrower ups using a perfect make.

Tips # 1

After a suitable makeup was up by a primer applied according to the skin type, the blusher is applied. It must be observed to spread this almond shaped and not too thick to apply.

Tips # 2

Round face is required in addition to the blusher contours along the chin and the forehead. Here, a slightly darker tone indicate a wide chin recede into the background. For makeup with blush or powder is best to use a thick natural hair brush.

Tips # 3

In part, in a round face, a thick nose supposedly available. Also it can be with some darker tones optically reduced. These are carefully applied to the nostrils, and blurred with a finger something.

The tip of the nose should be brighter. In order to strike the right tone, you have to take the time to try out.

Tips # 4

The eyes should always bright from the inside to about the middle, are darker towards the end provided with eye shadow. An eyeliner can visually enlarge the eye by pulling it over the suffering addition.

Makeup the lashes with mascara vigorously. This gives the face a nice touch and directs the focus on the eyes.

Tips # 5

In particular, if the mouth looks full and round, one should be careful with bright colors. Color Intense Lipstick enhances the visual impression of the round face often, so that a slightly covered sound here is more appropriate.

Tips # 6

For all tips, try out a variety of shades in daylight, as artificial light often distorted impression. Also, a round face, you can makeup so that it looks narrower, by showing courage to several shades.

Round Face Makeup in Urdu

Round Face Makeup in Urdu

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