Scabies Causes and Treatment Tips

Scabies Causes and Treatment Tips

The scabies is distributed worldwide. Their frequency varies widely depending on the environment it is between 1 and 30 percent. In the 1950’s, the itch in the industrialized countries was literally disappeared, but since the end of the 1960’s it is more prevalent with the increase in sexually transmitted diseases on.

Even in developed countries, the itch spreads in spite of improved hygiene and increased standard of living from growing.

So today we here put some knowledge about scabies disease, causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment tips for patients.


The disease is a triggered by mites contagious skin disease. The transmission of itch mites carried by living together in the family or in nursing homes and through close physical contact especially during sexual intercourse.

Therefore, the scabies is considered a sexually transmitted disease.


The reason for the occurrence of scabies is a corresponding infection with the itch mite. For the clinical picture, especially the females of these parasites are responsible.

Many people suffers usually with dirty and unsanitary living conditions. This may be one reason for the spread of the itch mite, in fact. However, itch mites are also found in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and kindergartens, i.e at places where many people encounter each other daily.


Typical symptoms and signs are as fallows.

  1. Dermatitis of the hands and between fingers, but also in the armpits and genital area.
  2. Itching, crusty and scaly skin, partly equipped with small nodules.
  3. Reddening of the skin in the course of skin inflammation.

Treatment Tips

If disease is not accompanied by complications, successful treatment usually through the application of locally applied lotions is possible. The effects of such therapy for disease are both in the destruction of the mites as well as in the prevention of re-infection.

Often it may be necessary to treat persons from the private environment of an interested party against scabies. Even people who still do not have acute symptoms of a disease scabies, this can be useful because symptoms part only can occur a long time after an infection.

Agents that are partially included in ointments for the treatment of scabies, the permethrin are substances (an artificially generated insecticide) or benzyl benzoate. Corresponding ointments require after its application usually certain exposure times before they are then rinsed again.

The duration of the treatment depends among other things of dross on the severity of the disease and the cure used. If in the course of scabies above complications, these are, for example, antibiotics treated.

Prevention Tips

Prevent scabies is, for example about avoiding close physical contact with people who are suffering from scabies. If there is already a scab disease, may prevent re-infection preventive treatment of private contacts.

In order to avoid a protracted course of disease, in addition to a correct use of the medication can also contribute a regular living room and body hygiene, which complicates the scabies mites propagation.

Scabies Disease In Urdu

Scabies disease in Urdu

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