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Sensitive Hair Care Tips

Sensitive Hair Care Tips

It is incredible what we expect of our hair every day, they are blow dried, bleached or colored, stressed or overwhelmed with perms toiletries. Hot straighteners put the hair exactly like strong sunlight or winter weather. The result in many women and men is damaged, dull and sensitive hair.

It emphasizes and underscores the hairstyle but the personality and also has a major impact on the external appearance. How do I care for sensitive hair care? How can hair gently and easily maintained? Important above all the facts should be noted in time, otherwise it can also lead to irritated scalp come.

Sensitive Hair Care Tips

In the following article we will give some general hair care tips on sensitive hair care, also home remedies for sensitive hair care.

Tips # 1

The daily showering or bathing is part of the self-evident. In this case, often the hair is washed with the same. However, the natural moisture and fat content of the hair thereby reduced. 2 to 3 times a week are sufficient for removal of dandruff and dirt as well as grease completely off.

Tips # 2

Hair looks taken very quickly if they are washed too hot. Serve warm or cold even washed hair shine, because their surface was smoothed. Barely out of the shower out, the dripping-wet hair is rubbed dry by most people.

However, this damages the hair. It is better if the wet mop again For fragile hair should better air drying pressed dry with the towel.

Tips # 3

Air drying is much gentler. However, since not everyone has the time and the means of suitable hairstyle, the hair dryer should if possible not be too hot and have a minimum distance to the hair from 20 to 25 cm.

Home Remedies

Our great grandmothers are not even gone up to the next drugstore, and a deep conditioner bought. With time tested home remedies for sensitive hair care, they have freed her hair from the stresses of everyday life.

Remedy # 1

Beaten egg yolk in bowl. Massaged into the hair, it should act at least an hour and rinsed thoroughly.

Remedy # 2

Massaged wheat germ oil with fingers in the hair tips effective against split ends, also Clay is a natural cleanser, to which hardly anyone reacts with in tolerances.

The hair care is an ongoing process. To have come to the sensitive hair sufficient vitamins and minerals, diet also plays an important role. Because, as this also affects the skin or the psyche, they also reflected in the condition of the hair again.

Sensitive Hair Care Tips in Urdu

Sensitive Hair Care Tips in Urdu

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