Skiing Gymnastics

Skiing gymnastics tips and tricks

Skiing vacation in sight? Then you train ever your muscles and strengthen your physical condition. Skiing gymnastics is best for staying fit for long time even in winter season. Also you can do skiing gymnastics as passion or, If you are expert then you can also show your talent in national events or in world sports.

But today here we give skiing gymnastics tips for you, you can fallow these skiing gymnastics tips and put yourself healthy and fit for long time.

Skiing Gymnastics Tips

  1. Before it goes out on the slopes, you should still complete a small warm up to get the body used to the stress. Walk lightly on the spot and let it resonate arms. Then switch to jumped transit from running out, this from the hip strong jump alternately to right and left, and join together the feet short. Then continue normal bounce on the spot and then carry alternating each the left foot to the right hand and the right foot to the left hand.
  2. You stand upright, feet hip width apart. Now go as far into the knees until your thighs are horizontal. Stretch the hands straight forward. The back remains upright. The squat but gently, but run slow. Repeat 10 times. After a short pause, another 10 times.
  3. They stand upright again and then go a step forward, so that when the front leg, the knee is vertically above the ankle. The knee of the back leg should almost touch the floor. Back then the front leg and repeat the lunge type movement with the other leg forward. The whole exercise repeated without a break 10 times.
  4. Stand on your right leg and you are now trying to concentrate for about 20 seconds with the left leg and as best we can to paint Pay attention to the air.

Then turn off the leg short and more Make paint, repeat nine times. Then do the exercise with the left leg as a mainstay and also paint it a total of 10 eights. Who the riff well, can perform the exercises with your eyes closed.

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