Sleep Disorders

Sleeping disorder in Urdu

In today’s busy life every 4th person have a problem with its sleep. Anyone who sleeps poorly, should be attentive. Can be used for acute episodes of sleep disorders and problems no tangible triggers such as stress or an infection found, it is important to investigate other possible causes, when the insomnia last longer especially.

Poor sleep, do not sleep through the night, waking up too early in the morning, snoring, struggling for breath at night or go with tingling legs up and down, again and again wake up etc are symptoms of sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders and problems have many faces and multiple causes but here below we tell you some main and minute sleep disorders tips. By paying little attention on these minute sleep disorder and problems you can get a restful and healthy sleep.

Sleep Disorders

Here are the some points and things that disturb your sleep and cause sleep disorders and problems.

  1. You can not sleep well and feel stress while you go to bed. Waking up too early again and again after some interval during night is sleeping disorder.
  2. If you get full sleep at night but when you awake in morning you feel stress and tiredness along with that your mood is off.
  3. Those people that have complaint about asleep at night. They get their required sleep but the interval in which the awake during sleep disturb them.
  4. If your bed is not comfortable or your bed is too hot or cold then you can’t get proper sleep and feel stress while you are going to bed. Noise and bright light in bedroom also effect your sleep and create disturbance in your sleeping.
  5. Emotional complications, Psychological problems, Mental and body stress create disturbance in your sleep. Psychological problems such as concern diseases, depression, madness, laugh or frank problems and diseases can disturb your sleeping.


If you have any type of above issue or sleeping disorder then you should discuss with your doctor or physician about these problems. You doctor will suggest you better tips or medicines.

Sleep Disorders in Urdu

Sleeping disorder in Urdu

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