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In our routine life we sleep according to our need. But in as specific time of life some people get depressed or with any other issue they face sleeping problems, and for that purpose normally the word Insomnia is used.

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After all sleep is essential for our mental and body health. Normally the routine sleep time in young age is about 7 to 8 hours but as the age passed and we goes toward the old age the required sleeping time goes down towards 3 to 4 hours.

  • Also sleeping more then 8 hours, put negative effects on our health.

Below we give you some sleeping tips for comfort and easy night sleep. These tips are equally helpful for men women and children’s.

Sleeping tips

1. Ensure that you bed and sleeping area is comfortable. You can’t get proper sleep if you sleeping bed is too hot or too cold.

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2. Your bed should be soft and plane. Do proper exercises like swimming, walking and jogging etc. Exercise can put effect on your sleeping time.

  • For doing the exercise the day time is good and it is more better if you done exercise at the start of evening.

3.  If you get problem in sleeping then do that work which you like. Like watching television, reading or listing the slow music etc. After some time you feel tired and goes towards the sleep.

Avoid these:

If you want proper and comfortable sleep then should avoid these thing.

1. Don’t sleep for long period and get up early in morning as soon as possible. As well as try to get up daily in morning at the same time.

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2. Don’t ate too much at night time and it is better is you get dinner at evening between 7 to 8 O’clock.

If you didn’t get proper sleep at night then don’t sleep next day because when you sleep at day time then you couldn’t get the possible sleep at next night again.

4. If you have a permanent issue with you sleep the you should contact with the doctor. The doctor will examined your physical health and suggested you better medicines and sleeping tips.

Sleeping tips in Urdu

sleeping tips in urdu

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