Smart watch wrist PC

Smart Wrist Watch PC

Microsoft is also working on the Smart watch wrist PC. Alongside Apple and Samsung also has plans for a Microsoft Smart Watch wrist PC in the drawer. The software giant from Redmond is currently under way on a shopping spree for required components. Details of a product is not currently possible but still rare.

Smart Watch Wrist PC Features

The so called Smart Watches, a mini computer with wireless connectivity to the wrist, slowly but surely developing into a trend. In addition to Apple (iWatch) and Samsung now, Microsoft will deal with relevant plans. Microsoft had components for a “watch like device” requested from suppliers. This included about a touch screen with a diagonal of 1.5 inches (3.81 centimeters).

Still can not say with certainty whether the software giant actually working on a smart watch wrist PC. However, confirm the rumors, it would be is not the first attempt by Microsoft to bring a Smart Watch the people. Introduced in 2012, the manufacturer rudimentary electronic watches with additional features under the name SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) ago. However, these watches was granted not a commercial success, which was also due to technical limitations. With new devices to the PC market downturn.

Smart Wrist Watch PC View

Smart Wrist Watch PC Technology
After several studies of market research companies another decline in sales of traditional personal computers predict the next few years, the major manufacturers plumb currently evident from alternatives. In addition to smart watches wrist PC are among other tablet and computers. According to recent rumors, Microsoft already working on a new surface model with work much smaller screen size.

Samsung Smart Wrist Watch PC

New plans S Watch confirms Samsung is working on a new cell phone clock. Samsung will bring in the near future a new smart watch wrist PC on the market. Appropriate plans confirmed Samsung Mobile Vice Young Hee Lee told the news service Bloomberg. For a long time, not just since the rumors about Apple’s iWatch is a corresponding device in preparation.

Apple iWatch

For several weeks, rumors compress a Smart Watch from Apple. The iWatch is to have a flexible display and via Bluetooth with an iOS device can be connected. Shortly after the first speculation about iWatch appeared already rumors of a possible “S Watch” by Samsung on.

Compared to the news service Bloomberg these rumors have now been confirmed by Samsung Mobile Vice Young Hee Lee. “We have long been working on a clock,” she said in the interview. One such device is definitely planned for a future product. However, special features, pricing or a release date did not call Lee.

Apple’s iWatch could already present to the public this year, Bloomberg reported, citing an anonymous insider. To the built in functions are supposed GPS, pedometer and heart rate monitor.

Samsung has already launched in the past Smart Watch similar mobile phone clock on the market. Besides Samsung and Apple to bring in the next few weeks a number of lesser known watch manufacturer with an Internet connection on the market.

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