Smartphones Email Apps

Smartphones Email Apps

With smartphones, mobile access to the email account is becoming the standard. We show smartphones email apps alternatives for device internal application for the Android and iOS operating systems. A smartphone without an email app? Inconceivable! Therefore, all currently popular operating systems already have integrated a corresponding function. For access to the email account of smartphone owners only have to enter their data and already he can access his mailbox.

Despite the device internal function plenty of alternatives are available in the AppStore. These apps provide, however, many additional functions can usually forego the beginners. In addition, for the normal, mobile email use the built in smartphone applications is usually sufficient.

Smartphones Email Apps

The built in mail apps have the advantage that they are optimally adapted to the operating system and seamlessly fit in terms of operation and user guide and various accounts were usually easily integrated. This is particularly well resolved in the so called hub in the current version of the BlackBerry operating system says the editor. At a glance, messages or calendar entries are visible here. In addition, in this system, sensitive data in emails were canceled safest.

A similar ease as the BlackBerry operating system also offers the Windows Phone. It integrates multiple accounts, even if they are from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The advantage is that the user can see at a glance mails or status reports without having the respective mail apps needs to open this. Not quite as many features and linking options offer the mail apps from Android and iOS good job they do but still.

The consumer may, without further downloads and associated research costs and possibly get started with your new smartphone. However, the consumer protector also highlighted the disadvantages, Because not or let the mail apps are difficult to delete, For example, they consume space. “Even more significant that the consumer does not know the criteria by which they were selected,and the corresponding safety standards or internal settings”. He had no control over the features and what information is passed eventually, as the developer to advertising partners.

Users, showing the extent of the included mail apps are not enough to have a wide range of alternative programs for Android and iOS. For Windows Phone users, however, there is currently no appropriate alternative.

Smartphones Email Apps alternatives

For the iOS operating system, the mail app AltaMail a possible alternative. This can be sort among other emails or create filter rules and templates. Due to the wide range of functions but not user friendly features longer exists. In addition, the app costs 10 dollars. A free alternative to this would be the app Molto. This is available for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. Visually, the program differs significantly from other applications. In Molto emails are clearly presented in a simple style.

Android users can use the free mail apps program also once MailDroid view. Since the mail app includes extensive recruitment and archiving functions, it is especially suitable for professional use. The folder hierarchy it displays clearly arranged in a tree structure. In addition, can be created for individual folders bookmarks.

For corporate use to also own the free app for iOS and Android available touchdown. Especially for working with different web servers this application should be well suited. Although dominant in contrast to most mail programs only Exchange format, but it offers the encryption options more security.

Security of Smartphones Email Apps

Encrypt emails can be also equipped with the Android apps K9 Mail and Kaiten Mail, for the smartphone and the software must, however, APG on board. K9 and APG are available for free, Kaiten costs about 10 dollars. You can complain about with this application that they allowed themselves to foist an incorrect server in a test of a so called “Man in the middle attack”.

In addition to the independent mail apps also offer web services like Outlook, Yahoo or GMX own programs for Android and iOS. However, the advice on these mail apps in the store show that the users are not necessarily satisfied herewith.

While using mail apps the user should always keep in mind that smartphone applications can not provide the complete comfort of an installed on the PC, powerful mail program. Also, the safety standard is different in the two. One advantage of the alternative mail apps is that users can control the access rights to the operating system of the smartphone before installing.

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