SMS Sending Apps

SMS Sending Apps

As the owner of a smartphone you can save yourself the cost of sending a text message. With following sms sending apps you can send text messages for free.

If you like and frequently writes SMS, often angry about high phone bills. But in the age of smartphones, you can save the cost of sending a text message and send sms free in the future.

SMS Sending Apps

How is that possible? With apps that replace the traditional sms messaging by sending a data connection. These sms apps use a 3G or WiFi connection for sending text messages.

If you have a data plan, there are no additional costs for you. You can download these free apps directly to your phone and send text messages instantly and for free after installation.

Excessive phone bills become a thing of the past. We have here for you the best known sms sending apps that you can send SMS for free, together.

#1 WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp only works if both the shipper and the receiver have this program installed. The software automatically has access to the contacts stored in the phone and checks them for connectivity.

If a contact doesn’t have WhatsApp installed, you can send an invitation to download this person.

On one hand, this automatic review seems to make sense, on the other hand, it seems a bit questionable in terms of data protection. In addition to short messages including photos, voice messages, and small videos can be sent with WhatsApp.

#2 Skype Messenger

Skype is probably the best known voice over IP software. The app has a very user friendly and understandable. The disadvantage is that this program always runs in the background and can be terminated properly only via the Task Manager. This can negatively affect the battery performance.

The calls and chats between 2 Skype users on the Internet is free. Some functions, however, are chargeable as. Roughly calls to landlines phones or calls to phones that do not have Skype.

#3 Facebook Messenger

Facebook is likely to be any Internet user a term. With the Facebook messenger you can communicate only with people who are on Facebook in the Friends list.

The app is simple and has a user friendly interface. The disadvantage is that a Facebook account must exist. Who does not want to log in to Facebook. The Facebook messenger can’t be use without login.

#4 Touch messenger

Touch, formerly Ping Chat, another free sms messenger is presupposes that the software installed on the smartphones, is communicating with whom. With the touch app, messages can be exchanged with individuals or with multiple users in a chat.

After installation, a user ID must be created. This is also the own cell phone number can be used. The touch IDs are managed centrally by the manufacturer, which in trivial conversations is not a problem.

#5 IMO Messenger

The imo messenger may be more than other messenger apps, he is in fact a multi messenger. With imo messanger not only can you send free SMS, but also result in free calls (read free international calls) over Internet.

The app allows calls and sending messages across different platforms, such as Facebook, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo messenger. You also have the option to disclose their status. Also pictures, videos and sound recordings can be sent to the Multi Messenger.

Due to the many functions of the imo messenger to start acting unfortunately somewhat confusing. The operation definitely requires some practice.

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