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Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker

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In today’s modern world where the energy and power is basic and essential need for every one but world is passing through big energy crises and scientists and researchers try to find alternate and passive way’s to full fill the needs of energy and power.

For that purpose scientists and researchers used different type of method to generate power and energy like Solar, wind, nuclear and geothermal etc.

These energy and power producing process are cheap and renewable and along with that you can utilize the power according to you needs. Here we tell you about solar cooker, you can make solar cooker at home and can used as alternative of coal and gas for cooking foods.

Solar Cooker

A solar cooker is a device to get out of the energy of solar radiation heat to produce. The radiation is in the focal point of a concave mirror pooled. It is still largely unknown only 1 % of the world population it is a concept.


The parabolic mirrors focus sunlight on a mostly matte black container in the focal region. The container absorbs solar radiation, so that its content is strongly heated.

The solar cooker is suitable for boiling water, heating food, cooking, roasting, baking, grilling or frying, for commercial use in dyeing, for soap production, juice production, processing of natural fibers etc.

Solar Cooking

The powerful solar cooker can be used in all seasons and in all latitudes. You will be amazed how quickly such as cakes, meat, stew, bread, pizza or pasta dishes are done. Solar cooking is a different way of cooking.

You can use different method of cooking in solar cooker by solar heat and radiations but the most common type of solar cooking that you can used to cook foods is as fallow.

Solar Grill

The solar grill uses the principle of solar radiation concentration. The parabolic shape ensures that all of the solar energy is concentrated on the to prepare dish. You have a free, clean energy without “smoke” and “CO2” emissions.

Social Impact

Solar cookers can have significant social impact in poorer regions. As applicable in societies that traditionally cook their food with wood collected and the time required for the fuel procurement . The time saved can be put to good use for other tasks.

In the dissemination of solar cookers should be given to how they fit in with cultural conditions (meal times, special symbolic power of fire), otherwise they will not be accepted by the target group.

Solar Cooker in Urdu

Solar Cooker in Urdu

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