Solar Energy

Solar energy benefits

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Solar energy benefitsSolar energy is a mature technology and offers great potential, it is in a position to play an important role in solving the problems associated with climate change.

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Solar energy can supply the majority of the current need to homeowners or businesses.

Solar energy is available indefinitely in their origin. Solar energy is the energy source of the world that is growing the fastest. It is affordable, efficient and reliable than ever.

Solar energy benefits

There are a number of advantages of solar power generation for those who want to use solar electricity at home, office and business points.

1. The 89,000 terawatts (TW) of radiant energy reaching the earth’s surface, are nearly 6,000 times more than the average energy consumption of all mankind.

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In addition, solar electricity generation, the highest power density (global average of 170 W / m ²) among all renewable energies.

2. A solar system does not cause any noise. Whether during the day or night without electricity in operation, you will not hear the solar system.

3. Solar systems can supply electricity for many years with very little maintenance (annually about 2% of the purchase price) will be operated and the operating costs are extremely low compared to conventional technologies.

4. Who produces its own solar electricity has the advantage that it is independent of the current providers. Electricity prices have risen steadily in recent years, they are expected to continue to do so. The owner of a photovoltaic system can observe this more relaxed.


Along with advantages solar power have some disadvantages which are as fallows.

1. When electricity is generated by solar power is not continuously available, only when the sun shines current is generated. A power storage can intercept this and keep the current longer available. However, these are still very expensive to buy.

2. Solar power is currently more expensive than most other forms of alternative energy.

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Financially, a photovoltaic system is worthwhile for their own consumption of the current is limited.

Solar energy benefits in Urdu

Solar energy benefits in Urdu

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