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Solar Fan Designing in Urdu

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Summers are getting warmer and we are becoming less and less willing to put up with it. The acquisition of air conditioners increased by 30% in recent years. The shops offer an extensive supply of air conditioner at low prices. However, every degree of comfort counts electricity consumption increases in our country by 2.5% each year, 5 times faster than population growth.

Each kilowatt hour of energy consumption emit more than 400 gr of Carbon dioxide into atmosphere, and only 7% of energy is obtained from renewable sources. The tips of electricity consumption have already shifted from winter to summer, and the power grid suffers from overloads that sometimes lead to power outages or load shedding.
Solar Fan
The real basic need is to simply be as fresh as possible in summer when the heat is tight. It is possible to take advantage of renewable energies to generate freshness in summer. The great interest is also that in the case of taking advantage of solar energy.

There are other possibilities of less energy and environmental footprint than air conditioning.

Solar Fan

A fan, with the movement of its blades, generates cool air that reduces the temperature, without modifying the humidity of environment and with an energy expenditure much less to air conditioner.

A normal fan consumes 100 to 200 Wh of electricity. These low powers allow us to use solar energy source as alternative of electricity.

Solar Fan Designing

Here in this article you know about Solar fans, solar panel designing, material and apparatus to assemble solar fan.

To make a solar fan you need:

  • Solar cell.
  • Small fan motor with blades.
  • Plasticine to support motor.
  • Direct sunlight or desktop lamp with 60 watt bulb.


  1. With Plasticine make support for the motor and place it in the support.
  2. Place solar cell under bright sunlight or a 60 watt lamp, with test leads connecting the cell to the motor.
  3. Design and make a paper object, such as a trowel for an electric toy fan or a propeller for a toy plane. Fit the blade into the motor.
  4. Identify what happens to the machine when you move the solar cell in the light source.

Solar Fan Designing

Solar Panel or Cell Designing

As we need a panel or solar cell, it also requires some materials and procedures, which are: One sheet of Copper (more or less one sheet of 30 x 30 cm x 1/16 “to make three pairs of 10 x 10 cm cells).

  • An electric burner.
  • Cables with crocodile or alligator clips.
  • Plastic bottle (preferably one of a good diameter to prevent the plates coming into contact).
  • Table salt and water
  • Multimeter (to measure current flow).


  1. Wash hands to prevent fat being transferred to the cell while working.
  2. Cut the cell in to 10 x 10 cm size and carefully heated by the burner.
  3. Place the cell in the burner for about half an hour. It is advisable to wash the cell before, to avoid traces of fat.
  4. As you warm up the cell after some time, a black layer of cuprous oxide will form. The good layer of oxide, is essential (a half hour of warming up is sufficient).
  5. Let the plate cool for about 20 minutes. You will notice that scales have formed that can be separated by lightly tapping the plate. Note the plate should not be cleaned entirely.
  6. Cut a plate the same size as the previous one. Arrange the next assembly, connect each plate with spring clip, fill a container with salt water (it is better if it is heated beforehand) and place the plates looking at each other, trying to prevent them from coming into contact.
  7. It should be checked with the multi-meter, that the un-burned plate is the positive pole and the burned is the negative pole.

The current will depend on the area of ​​the plate and the solar radiation of the moment.

Solar Fan in Urdu

Solar Fan in Urdu

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