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Speed up Windows 7

Speed up Windows 7 tips and tricks

There are many ways to speed up Windows 7, one of which consist win7 logo to defragment the Windows boot file. This is generally used to improve performance and greater stability of the running system.

In addition to this, the further optimization to speed up windows 7 so-called prefetch should – folders are even looked at more closely.

Speed up windows 7

To speed up window 7 for getting maximum performance you have to follow following windows 7 tips and tricks.

#1 Boot Defragment File

With a small command you can boot file of Windows 7 defrag. But one opens with the key combination WINDOWS KEY + R Run dialog box.

  • Here you type the command defrag c: -b and confirm with OK.
  • Everything else happens by itself.
  • The process usually takes only a few seconds.

#2 Clean Up Prefetch Folder

The operating system creates the C: \ Windows \ Prefetch a folder for the cache frequently accessed programs. The goal is to allow you to run programs faster.

  • However, it is recommended that this folder once or twice a month to empty. Especially when problems arise, you should make this folder once.

Thus, it is possible to windows 7 again to refill the cache fresh.

#3 Disable Windows 7 Aero

They are beautiful, of course, the visual effects in Windows 7 but how they affect the performance of the system. Just for less powerful graphics cards and CPUs, which are often found in laptops, it makes perfect sense to make the list again to consider the need of the individual effects (read tuning tips for windows 7).

Under Control Panel – System – Advanced System Settings, you will access them.

The settings of the power lead you directly to the visual effects. It is best to samples in small steps to a compromise between performance and effects used zoom.

  • But there is also the option “Adjust for best performance” option and therefore to disable all effects. A reboot is not necessary after the change.


The incorrect use of speed up windows 7 tips and tricks may cause serious problems that affect the entire system and reinstall. Interventions in the files and the application of the advice is at your own risk.

Speed up Windows 7 in Urdu

Speed up Windows 7 in Urdu

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