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student jobsAlways try to earn enough money for yourself, specially when tuition fees have to be paid, it can be financially just for students. Two-thirds of students have opted for a side job and work an average of 13.5 hours a week.

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Most people are about being able to afford it more. Even independence from parents is an important reason. 61 percent of students need part-time job in order to earn their livelihood can. But what are the typical student jobs?

Part time student jobs

Here we give you an idea about student jobs, with these part time student jobs you can earn money and can afford your educational expenditures without any others help. So if you have interest in part time student jobs and want to earn money then read our this article.

Wait on tables

Who is friendly, can work at night and certainly carries the dishes stacked up in the kitchen, it can try with this classic. The working hours overlap usually not with the timetable.


For those interested in social professions babysitting could be the right sideline. While the kids are asleep, can be learned relaxed.

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The more experience one has in the area, the more likely it is he / she to Babysitter Jobs zoom.

Help build

Helpers are sought for the construction of stages, stalls and the like over and over again for fairs, festivals, city festivals and other events. The merit is about 10 dollar per hour.

Promotion Jobs

Without special knowledge or special skills students come from in the range promotion. Here it comes, for example, the distribution of flyers.

Extras Jobs

Anyone interested in acting and film, you can try your luck with a job extras. The jobs are flexible and are well paid. There is also the opportunity to get in the breaks for the study.


Especially for student teachers offers a side job as a tutor. Family friendly and patient students can apply, for example, at a tutoring institute. The merit is about 10 dollars per hour.

Casual work abroad

In high season looking hotels often temporary. Who has enough time during the holidays, can apply for a job abroad. Addresses Interested in catalogs of holiday tour operators and the Agency.

Sell used items

Who no longer needed used DVDs or CDs, can offer them at flea markets or on the Internet.

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Also, technology articles, old clothes, games and books can be sale to earn money.

Student jobs in Urdu

Student jobs in Urdu


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