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Summer Foot Care Tips

Summer Foot Care

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The feet, on them busy our entire body weight and they carry us throughout our lives about four times around the world. But when it comes to the care we give them too much attention! We’ll tell you summer foot care tips on how to maintain your feet properly.

Neat feet are not only in summer good form, they should be a fixture of your daily hygiene ritual all year round! Cornea, bruises, corns & Co. are not only cosmetic problems, as cracked skin on the soles facilitates the occurrence of fungi and bacteria and thus increases the risk of unpleasant athlete’s foot.

Summer Foot Care Tips

Some important and useful summer foot care tips are as fallows.

Tips # 1

During foot bath to exfoliate offers perfect. These make your feet smooth and rid of dead skin cells. The regular removal of the cornea and the applying lotion after the shower is one of the foundations of the ideal care.

Tips # 2

Treat yourself from time to time a professional pedicure itself. This includes the normal case, all necessary steps that are necessary for proper foot care such as foot bath, pedicure and a foot massage. You will then feel very relaxed.

Tips # 3

After a long foot bath itself toenails can be very well cut. Look out for regular distances when shortening your nails to prevent ingrown toenails.

Use a nail file to make any corrections and fine work. Avoid spikes and edges that could cut into the skin, or even worse could grow!

Tips # 4

Thick lotion! Especially in the summer a rich cream with cooling and antiperspirant action is recommended for feet. Against sweaty feet help regular baths and oak bark for sore feet Horsetail or chamomile flower baths.

Tips # 5

A lukewarm foot bath with selected bath additives ensures not only relaxation, but also makes your feet smooth.

Dry your feet thoroughly afterwards from and pay special attention to spaces between the toes to prevent athlete’s foot.

Summer Foot Care Tips in Urdu

Summer Foot Care Tips in Urdu

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