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3G and WiFi

Free WiFi Calls

Make phone calls over WiFi internet access can be a cost-effective alternative to using a standard fare service. Mobile phone calls placed over WiFi...

3G and WiFi

WiFi 3G Calls

The Internet phones offer the ability to make WiFi 3G calls without consuming voice telephone credit. To do this, there are several free tools that...

3G and WiFi

3G or WiFi Calls

Free communication programs spread through the Internet, which allows users to make 3G or WiFi calls from the smartphone, tablet and PC to anywhere...

VoIP calls

Video Calls Tips

If you want to make video calls over the internet, then this is possible with a few very simple programs. Here you do not even pay anything for the...

VoIP calls

Free Calls to USA

Looking for a way to make free calls to USA? Know how you can make free calls to America, whether with friends, family or work colleagues. Call your...

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