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LG G Flex Smartphone

With the LG G Flex by LG’s 1st smartphone with a curved display comes on the international mobile market. How the Luxury Smartphone strikes in...


BMW i3 Car

Now a day’s where world facing energy crises whether it is in fossil reserves or in ordinary energy reserves. So automobile engineer’s...


GPS and GTS Technology

In the area of early warning, there are many applications for GPS and GTS (Global positioning system and Ground tracking system) based technologies...



Little brother of the X6 comes in 2014 BMW X4 sets up a gear. It is a weird, successful type. Since the BMW X6 at the start was that competition is...


GT KIA Pro Car

 Now the Koreans turn right on the new GT Kia Pro Ceed targeting the top dog of VW. Is a true amateur athletes from the otherwise rather brave Kia...


Smart watch wrist PC

Microsoft is also working on the Smart watch wrist PC. Alongside Apple and Samsung also has plans for a Microsoft Smart Watch wrist PC in the drawer...

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