Teeth Care Tips

Teeth Care Tips

Anyone who adheres to certain rules when it comes to nutrition and dental care, has to have good prospects to old age beautiful and healthy teeth. Teeth are very important for us because we chewed food with them along with that teeth plays role in our exact beauty and it is more important to care teeth daily for their good health with effective teeth care tips.

Teeth Care Tips

So here below are some teeth care tips for men and women, also children can get maximum benefits form these teeth care tips.

Tips # 1

Brushing with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day, about half an hour after eating. Spaces between the teeth should be clean with inter dental brushes at least once daily in the evening.

Tips # 2

At best, the tongue clean at least once daily in the evening. Renew toothbrush regularly at least quarterly, at the latest when the bristles pointing in all directions and clean after each eating candy your teeth.

Tips # 3

They have for a snack or travel no toothbrush handy? Then you chew sugar free dental chewing gum. Go for checkup to dentist as possible at least twice a year, with changes in the gums or other problems in the mouth and teeth.

Tips # 4

Professional dental prophylaxis, best twice a year (even if the health insurance costs only partially or not take). Choose dental healthy sweets, which are marked with a tooth males.

Tips # 5

Avoid too frequent “in between snacking.” After a snack, it is advisable to clean the teeth with a tooth gum.

Access to prefer bottled water instead of sugary sodas and sweetened fruit juices. If you can’t do without it, you should be drinking sugary or acidic drinks as quickly as possible.

Tips # 6

Eat a varied and balanced diet. Take plenty of solid foods such as wholemeal bread, fruit and raw vegetables to be. The intense chewing does gymnastics for the tooth bed.

Tips # 7

Consume plenty of foods that contain rich amount of calcium. Use fluoridated table salt. Fluorides to harden tooth enamel and protect it from acid attacks.

Chew food carefully and by chewing creates saliva, which cleans the teeth.

Teeth Care Tips in Urdu

Teeth care tips in Urdu

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