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In the UK, the issue of UK immigration is gaining an increasing importance. The UK has called for the 1st time concrete demands for the whereabouts of Great Britain in the EU. The local free movement was not unconditional right.

UK Immigration

The British government wants tougher action against immigrants from the European Union. This would have only 4 years in the UK working in order to claim housing benefit, child benefit and other social benefits.

Who has not found a job within 6 months, had to leave the country. Also, the immigration of family members should be strictly regulated.

#1 Student Visas

Students must follow UK immigration rules and laws to enter easily to the UK to begin their studies. There are basically 2 types of visas to study in the UK, The visitor visa for students and the Tier 4 student visa.

Visitor Visa for Students (Up to 6 months)

There is a visitor’s visa 2 categories of students:

  1. Adult students: Want visa for adults aged 18 years and older who study for up to 6 months.
  2. Child (children and adolescents) Students: Want visa for Youth / children under the age of 18 who are studying in the UK for up to 6 months.

Tier 4 Student Visa (more than 6 months)

There are 2 categories of students in Tier 4 of the points-system.

  1. General Student: Want visa for adolescents and adults aged 16 and over who are studying more than 6 months.
  2. Child (children and adolescents) students: Want visa for children and adolescents 4-15 years of age who are studying for more than 6 months will.

If you have a student visitor visa, you will not be during your stay in the UK will be able to exchange it for a different visa and apply for a General Student Visa. If you wish to apply for a student visa General, you have to apply within the country in which you live.

How to apply?

To apply for UK student visas all student must fallows these steps.

Step 1: The student is applying for Language International.

  1. Complete online registration or application form.
  2. Copy of passport: Please note that your passport is up to 6 months after the end of the course must be valid.
  3. Proof of payment: If you pay by bank transfer, please send us a copy of your bank transfer confirmation. If you pay by credit card, we will have to wait before the next step to an authorization of credit card payment.
  4. Proof of level of English proficiency (only for students who are studying more than 6 months and a Tier 4 student visa).

Step 2: Students will receive a confirmation number for confirmation of admission to studies (CAS).

If all the above items at Language International has been submitted, it is confirmed that the student himself for pursuing studies (CAS) has qualified, your school will assign you a CAS.

If you have a valid CAS, you get 30 points in the British scoring system. Students must meet all requirements of the UK immigration laws and have a total of 40 points. A student may submit his / her Tier 4 application no earlier than 3 months before the course starts.

Step 3: The student will bring a document to prove that the financial requirements can be satisfied.

You must submit an original written document Language International, which either confirm the payment of all fees or the amount actually paid. You get 10 points in the UK immigration scoring system if you can show that you can cover your tuition and living expenses. Students must satisfy the requirements of the immigration laws and have a total of 40 points.

Step 4: The student completes the application form.

You can get details and download application form and the supporting documents for the Student Visitor Visa or application form and the supporting documents for the Tier 4 student visa from official UK immigration website.

Step 5: The student applied for a visa at the British Embassy / Consulate.

Bring or send your application (s), visa fees and evidence to the British Embassy / Consulate. In addition, you must provide your biometric data (fingerprints and photograph) available, which usually should be done at the British Embassy / Consulate to receive an ID card for foreigners.

Please note that the issue of a visa is not guaranteed even if a CAS issued by International Language. Authorization to issue visa is granted solely by the British government at the embassy / consulate.

Step 6: The student will begin studies in the UK.

The student must complete the course begins or before the course begins by presenting the identity card audition where the CAS was granted.

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