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Use Google Play Store on computer

Mostly we use the Google Play Store on our Android and iOS smartphones to install and use different applications. But if you have no smartphone device and want to use the Play Store on your personal computer or laptop, then what to do?

There are lots of videos and articles are written on this topic but mostly these methods are not working properly and are risky. Because Installing Google Play Store Applications through these methods can spam your personal device.

But here in this article, I tell you the simplest and 100% working method to use Google Play Store on your personal computer or laptop. This method is 100% safe and secure.

Use play store on computer

To use Google Play Store on Personal computer or laptop you need following things.

  1. Internet connection
  2. Personal computer or laptop
  3. BlueStacks Android Emulator / Software / Application
  4. Google Account.
#Step 1

To use the Google Play Store on your Personal computer or laptop you have to install BlueStacks software on it. to install BlueStacks software on your personal computer use the following method.

  1. Open up your computer browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge etc.) and go to
  2. Now in Google Search type “BlueStacks” from search results go to “” and download the latest version of BlueStacks Emulator.
#Step 2

After the BlueStacks Emulator / Software downloading has been completed install the BlueStacks software on your Personal computer or laptop.

#Step 3

As the BlueStacks Emulator installation successfully completed, double clicked on BlueStacks icon and follow the following instructions to install Google Play Store apps on your computer or Laptop.

  1. As you double clicked on BlueStacks icon it takes some time to load it completely.
  2. After complete loading, it will ask you to log-in with the existing Google Account or to create a new Google Account.
  3. After logging with your Google Account you are on BlueStack Emulator Home Screen, where you can see the Play Store icon.
  4. Now click on the Google Play Store app icon and Install your desired application from there.

I hope, by following this method you are able to install Google Play Store applications on your personal computer or laptop without any risks.

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